"Primavera" art and Italian nature comes together at a birthday lunch

Located in Nagaizumi-Cho ashitaka in the mountains in belly ' flowers、Art、Food "became a concept、Nature and art that combines cultural complex "Clematis no oka | Clematis no Oka"Italian restaurant" RISTORANTE PRIMAVERA (Ristorante Primavera) "In the、8/14I visited (Monday) celebrated 41-year-old husband celebrate birthday lunches!

Every four seasons to enjoy flowers bloom、6-To enjoy there blooms during the summer in August is the designation "Clematis"、Hydrangeas and roses、Water lily、Garden color leaf can be seen in the previous、Through 緑門 covered with lush greenery to the restaurant entrance!

Previously this was restaurant named "Villa di Mangia Pesce (Villa di Torre del Mangia Pesce).、Chef kurobane tōru (46 years old) took over the shop、As a Primavera has reopened in the 4/20/2009。
Kurobane Toru chef、After training in Italy、Is said and shop in the world the most sold-out Spain's three-star restaurant, was also in the movie "El Bulli El Bulli (or El burrito) "but had trained a talented Cook!
Visit artistic cuisine weaves such kurobane chef globally.

And Primavera、In Italy, "Spring"、Means "beginning of things.。
Hope garden Clematis garden and restaurant is surrounded by art、We offer sophisticated cuisine enjoy the material of mainly vegetables and fish in the local as Italy culinary creativity!

Created by contemporary artist ritsue Venetian lit、He met peek, Opal blue collar cool entrance door! nice whenever you come.

Open the door、Entrance is surrounded by white walls is spreading.、At the front desk was established、Confirmation of the reservation by the reservation staff is made。

As the door、Foam glass works 'ritsue Mishima"and get down the Hall Street、To book library on the waiting room。
Book Director width Makoto Yoshitaka (habayoshitaka) sampler is placed on the wall of bookcases、Is a space lined with books of Italy。"Mangiare (Mengele ) ""Amore ( Amore ) "Cantare (Cantare) "such as Italy with a forward-looking temperament and values、Through the sense of beauty、Learn about books focusing on the relationship between Japan and Italy.

Ushered to a seat was lay the table、To the main hall filled tubes。Shop、And full of gentle sunlight from a window overlooking the Clematis garden、Nature and harmony.、42 seats and spacious, luxurious space、Produce a very unusual view of the world!

A PRANZO (lunch menu)、1Course "Monotematica (monotemartika)-Hakone vegetables with various style-" has been changed to 5000 Yen pasta course、If you want the fish and meat entrees will be charged。This main dish meat from "tomorrow or beef fillet Tagliata" in +3800 Yen、+2500 ¥ 'Hakone vegetables and fish steaming oven"add order fish food!

While demonstrating at the alcohol just pulled from the Belgium real sparkling wine nonalcoholspark wine "Duc de Montagne"、We will ring-shaped breadstick with cheese。

In the "small croquettes Italy porcini mushroom and potato' less rounded、Provided in the adorable stick decorated with sea shells、And flaky in texture of the potatoes、Spread lingering flavor of porcini mushrooms.

The "cold peach soup.、And offers a brilliant mother-of-Pearl spoon cooled beer in、Cool fancy attire。Buy in from the neighboring orchards peaches and cold soup、During the gelato with noiseless、On the peaches with mousse、Ginger scent accented by the sweetness and flavor, served with。

"Petals of Izu Amagi natural bamboo and Japanese ginger fried" is、Served with flavorful prosciutto, from Italy、In refreshing Lemon Basil sauce。

On the desktop、Decorated with several herbs、They are used in cooking、A wonderful idea to enjoy aroma in the eyes。
Would be nice to use desktop fresh freshly picked herbs to homemade bread Focaccia with olive oil.

The "Sazae-San"baked"、Summer vegetable vegetables。Tanba sasayama Edamame, okra and green beans、Cucumber、Paprika、Potato、And parsnips、Delicious vegetables soaked in clam broth、This also smell good!

"The pumpkin ravioli.
Sweet pumpkin from the contract with Crescent-shaped Ravioli、Served with lobster、Along with the adorable pumpkin petals。I can't believe my stomach-friendly Pumpkin Sweet delicacy、Rare finished with fresh lobster is best with the smell of butter!

"Horse mackerel and Spaghettini with fennel",、Fragrant smell of fennel、And sprinkled bread crumbs、Pine nuts、Enjoy rich flavors such as raisins!
Because the amount of pasta can be firmly、Is now also fully satisfied with the course、Greedily, entrees also add orders and I had to、Ask was a small portion of the course and highly recommend this hotel。

The fish dish、"Ogo Tai herb Sauté.、Skin surface is crusty and the inside is finished with、You will be in a sauce of lemon, pepper and herbs! Eggplant swipes of Black Eagle and Zucchini、Along with porcini mushrooms。

Meat dishes、As a flavorful local brand-name beef Tagliata with filet of tomorrow、A classic sauce red wine based on the。

In front of the dessert、"Tanti Auguri di Buon Compleanno!!"And the appearance of the birthday cake has decoration in Italy, and、Hall staff who served us sing in Italy, the birthday song!
During the、Accented with banana fruit、Hit with plenty of syrup sponge cake is moist texture!

And、Continue to the dessert course "enshū-Mori with a semifreddo with melon"。Mouth melt and enjoy smooth semifreddo melon aroma with plenty of、Unleash the taste in the amaretto liqueur.

Small treats、And 3 species of Marshmallow and blueberry tart with chocolate mint he wishes white Mint Choco ganache a、According to the "coffee" Bliss time up to the last minute!

While healed in the views from the large Windows overlooking a lush location Carpe diem、
Included in the comprehensive service and atmosphere, as well as a meal、Satisfaction restaurant and will spend a luxurious something new every time!

After a meal、Next door pizza & Cafe CIAO Ciao (Ciao Ciao)Kitagawa Nanae. (Kei Kitagawa)Chefs also visited us、Chat time with kurobane chef!
In addition、Kitchen Assistant is trained under chef kurobane Yamamoto (Mitsunobu Yamamoto)-Kun、With us、Restaurant in Hamamatsu "Café & Restaurant now and forever"ofOnoue, ShigeakiChefs with knowing、Previous "XIV hamanako"The Italian restaurant" Luccicore (Lucci Cole(XIV Hamana Lake in the Italian restaurant))"Age was very indebted to onoue said us talking、Very nice your edge is born!

Also the stomach after an elegant lunch filled hearts、I want to tour and Museum and garden!

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