Clematis no oka Primavera white truffle special courses unique to this time




Located in Nagaizumi town ashitaka in the mountains in bellyFlowers、Art、FoodCulture complex of the concept 'Clematis no oka"。The autumn-winter season、But the color of the flowers of spring、Autumn roses and autumn Clematis、Cyclamen species、And deciduous street trees leaves of Ginkgo roadside trees across the road in front of the carpet and you feel winter atmosphere.


An Italian in the hills of Clematis "Ristorante Primavera Ristorante Primavera"Mr.。The Clematis no oka、Instead of just viewing the works of art、Is the perfect place to spend holidays can be enjoyed and relaxed mind stroll through beautiful natural park where you can enjoy the four seasons garden。1Days are even tired of missing here、Day、Enjoy the evening with meal、PrimaveraAnd I'm including four restaurants。This is by appointment only, but、To become highly popular shops、We recommend be reserved beforehand and come to the store.


Mishima SWOT, and Venetian door




Waiting / book library

Previously on here 'Viladimanjapessiet"That had a restaurant name、Part time chefKurobane ToruMr (46 years old) took over the shop as the Primavera2009April, 20th.The has been reopened。Kurobane Toru chef、After training in Italy、Is said and shop in the world the most sold-out Spain's three-star restaurant, was also in the movie "elBulli El Bulli or El-buri"But had trained a talented Cook! Visit the world of artistic cuisine weaves such kurobane chef!


Shop、And full of gentle sunlight from a window overlooking the garden of the vangi sculpture garden Museum、Nature and harmony.、42 seats and spacious furnished with luxury。On this day、As the course at Primavera symbolizes the fall of Italy every year、Can be ordered from Alba in Piedmont, the home wasWhite TruffleOf course to enjoy the premium lunchPut on the Primavera autumn Thanksgiving Festival menu Alba white truffle aromaUS per person10,000CircleToBirthday MemorialUs advance her husband by saying that。This time、Too much white truffle course book、In stock that were closed due to limited。When I visited here in the summer、HallHoshinoMr. from"Come fall, white truffle! 」Is good time for them and there was!


'Sparkling wine' 1,600 YenThe sommelierTanakaIs it to ask、First of all, in glasses with sparkling for toast!


Smiling to Horie Amagi shamo and lemon thyme canedelli ham bouillon

Throughout Northern Italy Trentino-Alto Adige, specialty foodCanedelli。In the old cuisine as depicted on the frescoes of the Romanesque church、And the dishes made with materials of any farmer's wife。Bread、Egg、Material except for basics such as milk、There's a number of variations、This time the、Bread and lemon thyme as part of the collar from the Mr./Ms. HORIE of Amagi shamo is a refreshing canedelli、Meal feel like a gentle, light meat balls。In a rich broth took it from the ham will taste!


1000 candles Shiraz Australia and Victoria States and yaravarat (carry-on fees 1 3,000 yen)

"WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER"The ownerTetsuya OnoIs it more advisable since、Recent favoriteWine WINE DIAMONDS diamondsOf1000 candles Purchase。Grape varieties:90% Shiraz、Pinot Noir 10%、Little Sauvignon Blanc。The Southend candles、Jump over the fence, such as wineries, country、Is a magnificent wine project gathered men to explore the natural and friendly life style, and was completed。It said that natural、And tinged with a reddish light natural body、As the impression、Image of the powerful Shiraz boasts a strong flavor with a spicy aroma will me betrayed in a good way。Sweet、Sour、With balanced tannins、Heavy and kindness through the throat easily、Does not feel satisfied and、Meet the drink while retaining excellent Shiraz is a wine。Us select the wine in birthday that Ono's candlelit etiquette here.


Stages Antipasto is you out of the white truffle.。HallYamaguchiJust the time of the shooting, will cut。White truffles、Missing moisture and flavor from the harvest rapidly and more than 48 hours after tramping will reduce smell、Very delicate, freshness is key。Fragrance spreads instantly shave white truffles, wine is so advanced!


Italy, in Piedmont, Alba white truffle、With ingredients such as nature miracle Crystal、Time of the season is very special, highly rare、Price 4 black truffle-is worth six times。This course is made to enjoy this rich aroma.


Sprinkle meat and Veneto asiagocheese Carpaccio with white truffle

Fascinated by the sleek look that low melting temperature of meat and fats and oils、The smoothness of the oral temperature 10 minutes to melt the reluctance I feel。Will let white truffle oil clothe [moist and soft with Asiago cheese.


Homemade bread

Wearing the scent of Rosemary Focaccia、Surface is crispy and juicy during the reasonable I POO blast。At your choice、From tabletop herb to soak in olive oil to scent!


"Put oven baked herb of Suruga Bay scampi"

In order to fully demonstrate the sweetness of the shrimp scampi、Has been carefully, exquisite lighting。While many express and puritsu shrimp、Dozing off here was with would be more expressed。Only with fragrant herbs and savory and intense brain will simply feel the sweetness of the material while!


2Degree of the white truffle of apperarance。Will cut and it retrieved from the glass of white truffle.


"Tajarin with porcini mushrooms and truffle"

Tailing uses only flour and egg yolk、Piedmont does not use specific pasta is egg whites。As a result、Boiled pasta colors are darker and vibrant yolk colour and will。Despite the thin pasta, taylin's firm is、Texture views。And then the egg enters more mellow flavor、Best pasta won't lose strength deep aroma with porcini mushrooms and white truffle aroma.


Pan of lemon grassFresh 馨shii lemon grass is getting dust pan。


Yagishiri Island presale lamb Grill

Hokkaido yagishiri Island lamb rib roast on the Grill will。Garnish、In Kanazawa, Kaga lotus root、Broccoli、Square beans、Red radish、Praise (Ingen type)、Nagano petals mushrooms、Ta Moggi mushrooms、柳松 mushrooms。Just around the12kmThe small island、In the grow yagishiri Island minerals rich in pastures eating lamb、Yagishiri island nature environment that resembles authentic France, Brittany and from "pre-Salé and yagishiri" that established brand name。Sheep often accompanies the fiends、Meat is juicier!


"Robiola and 3 (TRE) Ratti、Gibippo (currant)、Orange honey.

Since the wine was still、Cheese was served ago the dessert。Name three types of milk (goat、Sheep、Cow) met, bornRobiola Tre latti。As well as a refreshing flavor of goat's milk、Will be felt strongly by sheep milk flavor and thickness。Also、By mixing the milk、3You know the kind of breasts with a good balance between。Well to a smooth texture、On a baguette and enjoy with your choice with Sicilian Orange honey。Sicilian ground vines gibippo with wines are good.


Decoration flower shop appearance of reindeer。Another is such a season.。"Next time I take a look at Christmas dinner!"And in the HallHoshinoSankarea et al that we invite you、Christmas dinner is always determined home。But in December also you'd like!


Before going to the dessert course was for prepared celebration birthday cake! Thank you (my joy)、Her husband! Previous、When you visit us at another table staff birthday song it reminds me of who was singing in Italy,。Because it was close to fully booked、No song truly is (laughs) in Italy to birthday song I wanted to listen to it?!


Happy birthday happy birthday!!”Mrs. ayaco”And message cake written in Italy。Petals of colours、Coincidentally, according to my clothes? Coincidentally, in purple! (Surprisingly) Small cake we made polite、Dough is moist and soft.、Cream is classy and took along with her husband, savouring!


"Gelato made of fruits and herbs"

Fig、Kiwi、Nishi Izu Nishiura Tangerine、Use plenty of 四tsu溝 persimmons、Is a refreshing dessert carrying herbs pineapple gelato!


Petits fours

Guy move and coated in chocolate chestnut、6Our sweet little baked type。The very end of the course to fool not alms became lunch time luxurious and elegant flow of the best!



2006In the year "D-BROS"From the novel series was announced"Hotel Butterfly"The fragrant coffee in cups and saucers.


Kurobane Toru chefAnd staffHoshinoWith photo after you talk with them。Kuroha is a junior there 'IL CUCCIOLO IL cucciolo"ofUjiharaMs、"PIZZERIA CIRO pizzeriatilo"ofMorigamiAnd it's going out and talking about。Great meal and best birthday lunch provided by attention! Be sure I will come again!

Ristorante Primavera Ristorante Primavera
Nagaizumi-Cho, Shizuoka Prefecture Clematis-no Hill (spur Suruga) 347-1 TEL:055-989-8788
Hours of operation:Lunch / 11:00-15:00(13:30L.O) dinner / 17:30-21:00(19:30L.O)
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday (for the holidays、The next day)、Year-end and new year holidays.

Hill 347-1 Clematis-Nagaizumi-Cho, Shizuoka Prefecture no

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