The vangi Museum of art sculpture and nature fusion! Clematis garden at holiday bliss.

Located in Nagaizumi-Cho ashitaka in the mountains in belly ' flowers、Art、Food "became a concept、Nature and art that combines cultural complex "Clematis no oka | Clematis no Oka"。

Here is、1973Kiichiro Okano, former President of Suruga Bank representing figurative painting after World War II, France painter Bernard Buffet (Bernard buffet) collection to exhibitions and collections "Bernard buffet Museum"And is beginning to built Inoue Yasushi, Kan。
After that、2002April 28, "The vangi sculpture garden Museum (Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum)"Opening、And、2009The Year "Izu Photo Museum"Continued, open、Evolving as a culture complex facility meets the Clematis garden where you can enjoy seasonal flowers and several restaurants.

In the private museums of Italy's leading modern figurative sculptors Giuliano Vangi (Giuliano vangi) vangi sculpture garden Museum、1960The permanent collection since until recently the vangi sculpture、As well as on-site、Worship that works in a large garden overlooking the mountains of Izu and Hakone Clematis garden is possible!

Also、International perspectives on a regular basis paintings and photos、Held exhibitions, installations and、As a place of art and information dissemination and utilization to visitors、Now、4March 22, (Saturday) ~ 11/30 (Thursday) to the、Commemorating the 15th anniversary Memorial Exhibition "the tree of life-Tree of Life" held!
Rosilene Luduvico、Kobayashi takanobu、AI Sasaki、Hiroshi sugito、Suzuki COSI、Murase, Kyoko、持塚 Miki、China snow、Oya Mariko、Manabu Miyazaki、Motohashi Seiichi、Leiko Ikemura、Koji Tanada、Shigeo Toya、15 name was Giuliano Vangi writers "tree" theme works are exhibited.

In the "quality tea room KEYAKI" zelkova wood in the、83 (Thursday) ~ 10/3 (Tuesday).、Manages ODA kouhei's plant shop "Flora – Qusamura ' and Teppei Ono、Samukawa, Yoshio、Tamiya Aki、Matsunaga Keita、Murakami jerk、And Yoshida naoji from the six Potter flora space planting exhibition collaboration has been held、You can enjoy the unique vegetation of collected ODA kouhei who traveled to Japan in、Negotiation with the Potter has very impressive! Succulent systems also with nice!

In addition、4March 22, (Saturday) ~ 11/30 (Thursday) to the、To produce a world of modern artists see Hidaka Rieko"monochrome"sky and trees and"held!

At the hotel、8/27(Sunday) I could watch movies movies, memories of the Baobab Tree。
The sacred tree of the Baobab to important people in the village of Touba-tours only a two-hour drive from Dakar, the Senegalese capital。
Focuses on a young boy in the village、Taking the lives of the boys and their families throughout the year、And works depicting the lives of people living with Baobab。
The thickness of the stem、As elephant's foot, and trees are to be、100 year、500 year、1,000Just view the Baobab has lived with years of history、The greatness of the nature care-may be。

Out of the hotel、Stretching the legs to the Clematis garden、The fluffy grass planting、Pleasant walks barefoot in peace time.

Here you will、Has been planting various species are approximately 250 species 2000 shares of、1And achieve through the years charm Clematis garden、In addition to seasonal flowers season whenever it appeared、Sculpture and guests can enjoy a fusion of nature!

The vangi sculpture standing woman wearing water cool mind in the mirror pond、Water lilies brightly colored blossoms、Collarless dignified was excellent。
Seeing by eyes, thinking with the heart theme、Because you can immerse yourself in the hand for outdoor work、Can enhance the sensitivity、Excellent shooting spot!

We also work in、Vangi creativity feels on the skin、Could spend a meaningful time! this holiday to spend Memorial Day is really happy!


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