Clematis no oka Primavera Italian finest Shizuoka


Located in Nagaizumi town ashitaka in the mountains in bellyFlowers、Art、FoodCulture complex of the concept 'Clematis no oka' In Italian "Ristorante Primavera Ristorante Primavera"Mr.。The Clematis no oka、Instead of just viewing the works of art、Is the perfect place to spend holidays can be enjoyed and relaxed mind stroll through beautiful natural park where you can enjoy the four seasons garden。1Days are even tired of missing here、Day、Enjoy the evening with meal、Primavera, including four restaurants。This is by appointment only, but、To become highly popular shops、We recommend be reserved beforehand, to come。Previously on here 'Viladimanjapessiet"That had a restaurant name、Part time chefKurobane ToruMr (46 years old) took over the shop as the Primavera2009April, 20th.The has been reopened。Kurobane Toru chef、After training in Italy、Is said and shop in the world the most sold-out Spain's three-star restaurant, was also in the movie "elBulli El Bulli or El-buri"But had trained a talented Cook! Visit the world of artistic cuisine weaves such kurobane chef!


PrimaveraAnd the、In Italy, "Spring"、"The beginning of things"Means。The vangi sculpture garden MuseumThe garden views、And naturally we bring Italy cuisine as restaurant surrounded by art, creative。Local vegetables and fish in the Center,Enjoy the taste of fine dining are provided。Is not exaggeration to say Italian finest Shizuoka!


Contemporary artistRitsue MishimaWho made theVenetianLuxury entrance inlaid doors.


During the Venetian's blue collar cool embedded Opal!


Solar reflective glass doors and、Floor at the entrance to orange glow emitting 煌kimasu。I guess it's a work of the opal.


The entrance was placed against the walls Green。Here you will、Front portion is a luxurious place.


Corridors of Mishima SWOT, glass bubbles

Ritsue MishimaMr. a、1962Born in Kyoto, Japan。1989Go to Murano Glass Studio in 1996, and moved to Venice in the year、Through collaboration with artisan has produced works。2001Giorgio Armani Prize awarded to London Sotheby's in。2007Held a solo exhibition in Nagaizumi-Cho, Shizuoka vangi sculpture garden Museum in、2009And exhibited at the Venice Biennale in the、Such as opening a solo exhibition in the Netherlands boijmans van burning Gen last year、Has been active at home and abroad.


Waiting room book library

Book Library offers in the waiting room like a little bar。From the front desk first passed through here、Wait for directions to the seat。Book Director at wall bookcaseWidth Makoto Takashi (habayoshitaka)Sampler is placed、Is a space lined with books of Italy。"Mangiare (Mengele ) ""Amore ( Amore ) "Cantare (Cantare) "such as Italy with a forward-looking temperament and values、Through the sense of beauty、Learn about books focusing on the relationship between Japan and Italy.


Terrace can be viewed from the large wood frame Windows。In the back left、And there are private rooms (8 × 2 guest)、It is possible to invite the guests is important.


Hall staffHoshinoLet's us to the table and、There is an open space opens up in front of。Beautiful antique glass tableware line cabinets、Raw ham slicer has a presence.


Shop、And full of gentle sunlight from a window overlooking the garden of the vangi sculpture garden Museum、Nature and harmony.、42 seats and spacious furnished with luxury!


PRANZO lunch menu、There are 2 courses listed below。This time the、High expectations、You have to order local 7000 Yen、To change because the main was a cow、2,000Ordered the Primavera choose Maine at an additional cost of approximately ¥ 5000 Yen!

Primavera (Primavera) 5000 yen (tax included)
Through contract farming of vegetables in the Center、Good things come from across the country to
Locale (locale) 7000 JPY (tax included)
-Simply delicious one of only ~


"Water gas" 1200 Yen

A jealous wine in this space but I want while I'm、Because many visitors by car is difficult。However,、There are free shuttle bus from station to、Can I use there is time there!


"Ride of Hakone vegetables cold soup and Mint.

Luxury with fresh tomato gazpacho。Sweetness of tasteful vegetables、Fiamma is a refreshing sorbet with mint flavor。Even the glasswareRitsue MishimaAnd I'm of plate and sheet、While the unstable atmosphere in the beautiful the curve line、In a cool, 零remasu sigh.


Herb placed on desktop、Rosemary and thyme。With peeks at the rabbit came out to Alice in Wonderland like herbs, like picking cute containers.


Homemade Focaccia

Wearing the scent of Rosemary Focaccia、Surface is crispy and juicy during the reasonable I POO blast。At your choice、From tabletop herb to soak in olive oil to scent!


"White eggplant fritter and prosciutto salad.

And provides an exquisite fried so much opens up the sound in the curricula and cant and so hot with nice! Faint in agony in the early melting of the tasteful white eggplant! Together with the aroma of ham and even more flavor.


"Over fukumimi charcoal grilled long Eggplant with bonito jelly.

Because you can choose from two 2 appetizer、Order both。Here is、Bonito fish bite and flavor of the straw bends burst rising、Long Eggplant clemmie being coupled with summer dish filled with femininity!


On Asiago come from meat and egg mushroom Carpaccio with Veneto, +1000 yen

Olive oil trickling fascinated by the sleek look that horse meat was moist and。Lower the melting point of fats and oils、Oral temperature 10 minutes to melt the reluctance I feel so delicious! Egg mushroom flavor and fat content is high、Tartness and sweetness、With Asiago cheese, soft and moist and already 零remasenn only smiles! Two-face while"In appetizers already this satisfaction... are looking forward to it."And、Gloat (laughs).


"Sazae-San and chili pepper Spaghettini.

Sazae-San "whiff of intrigue appetite、Bitter and sweet chili pepper of the Spaghettini with adult、So forget the sense of pasta in lightly、Good balance of salty and oily taste, deep dish! I worried about in terms of volume because 2 dishes pasta comes out.、What the! Oh that while eating! May be working to expand the stomach and really delicious (lol)


"Whole wheat bread"

The taste of whole wheat flour and bread。Moisture is less a 絡mimasu good pasta sauce.


In the "Greek Basil and eggplant tortellini tomato flavor.

Meaning of "sweets small, flat cakes shaped like" in Italy,),、Stretched thin squares of dough to filling in ravioli、Fold it into a triangle、At both ends to fit ring-shaped pasta。2 cute and classy.。It's just good amount、And、Great texture! Variant of sweet basil is of smaller than Bush Basil Greek Basil、Goes very well with tomato sauce.


So far, in perfect and get more satisfaction、Shining in our food log ranking No.1 without a doubt! It is not limited to food、Selected instruments, cutlery, or、Serve on the entertaining side of goodness in there、Or in a luxurious atmosphere、Has homered in all out over high scores!"You want to visit again soon! 」And、At the same time I think"You want to match the wine in this dish! 」And、2Agree to fine people。Those that love good food but I can't drink?、Is what you want then together (lol)


"Seasonal fish skillet grilled seasonal vegetables with" +2000 ¥

Primavera course、So choose from the three Maine、Fish and meat (beef there、Is by far the most pigs)-order。The fresh fish of the day、From Suruga Bay, snapper。Seasoning with salt fish、How to make fire、Balance and grilled vegetables、Have been struck from Maine of awesome!


"Kim Wah pork loin roast summer vegetables caponata sauce' +2000 ¥

Pork is so stunning marbling and mellow taste、Good flesh can feel a marked difference with other pork, pigs have a mellow taste、Chinese Jinhua pigs。Even if opportunity again and again、Others don't know how to so in Chinese Jinhua pigs are delicious and exquisite lighting。What is Chinese Jinhua pigs ever was? And so they think the question。Less meat、Got a light, elegant flavor、Characteristics of swine with a special fat tongue is、Experience on、We are afraid of greasy parts、From the looks, I wonder? Nothing to worry about and fat。Though! Keep bite、You bite and also in quick succession、Also reduces the melting point of fats and oils、It melted in the mouth、Was that I was eating at a speed between chopsticks blinding! For this、2Man I was surprised! So you can even refill it! (laughs)


"Topped with gelato Orchard peach compote Moscato gelatin and Verbena.

From the nearby Orchard peach compote。As a summer dessert、Lustre herbs for good snow like ice cream, will be together! Is better than alone、It's indescribable and balance when blend all of really exquisite.


"Herbal tea grown in the home garden.

Cup decorated with birds and butterflies are pretty ~ ♪ and、I almost cum lump。RAYNAUD (Raynaud's)OfHISTOIRE NATURELLE series。And pick up the teacup、Butterfly is covered in the saucer! Time to indulge in lovely Teacup of overlapping grounds of Clematis no oka。So he served with jams of the rose、If you like, add。First of all the、For straight, lightly beaten、Gently soak it in the stomach after eating。And a rose jams、Petals are spread.、Filled with flavor and sweetness、Transforms into another drink,。Want to enjoy the taste of both is.



2006In the year "D-BROS"From the novel series was announced"Hotel Butterfly"The fragrant coffee in cups and saucers.


Dent made the bottom Cup、The motif of a butterfly type saucer was taken with Cup & Saucer set、Gently lift the Cup and、It's resting?、Fly from this moment?、The butterfly was hidden at the bottom of the Cup。Dance of the butterflies appear in both Cup。In this direction one feels the attention。However, unfortunately、Petits fours had been put out to other tables not somehow carried out table was。Apparently has been forgotten as it is (laughs) but、I was excited to be nice about it seems so trivial, so what!


By cool face、Mr./Ms. Hoshino Hall staff will clean up。This time、Most serve he has done for me.、Also, I had to ask several times frowned one, kindly respond with a smile! (Thank you) menu would add Mr./Ms. Hoshino details for permission.、had been recorded in iPhone voice memos.、For what troubles or recording had been wiping away、Not made in detail。(Sorry chagrin) but one can say is that、Our favorite ranking Regal of Primavera's winner also would like to visit soon!"Autumn truffle is recommended."And Mr./Ms. Hoshino。I can't wait until the fall (laughs) this lovely shop out summer break I saw、Was really the best refreshing!

Ristorante Primavera Ristorante Primavera
Nagaizumi-Cho, Shizuoka Prefecture Clematis-no Hill (spur Suruga) 347-1 TEL:055-989-8788
Hours of operation:Lunch / 11:00-15:00(13:30L.O) dinner / 17:30-21:00(19:30L.O)
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday (for the holidays、The next day)、Year-end and new year holidays.

Hill 347-1 Clematis-Nagaizumi-Cho, Shizuoka Prefecture no

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