Membership see Tokyu harvest Club Atami izusan&VIALA "suite with private pool


Membership was a comfortable ease such as hotel and Villa got a joy both resort hotel "Tokyu harvest Club"From last summer、2013On August 11.To seeTokyu harvest Club Atami izusan&VIALA"Newly opened。Located on a hill overlooking Sagami Bay izusan、Perfect location surrounded by green mountains and the wide sea pride.、Provides the location of the views from all rooms!


This time、Birthday trip to celebrate 41 years of me、A member of this "One good Osteopathic hospital" And "Potato Osteopathic hospital"The Director of the teacher inKanayama, k.Is going to introduce at Bon Appetit! On this day (thank you)、In the very crowded on Sunday、Good luck again、Could be kept a suite at this hotel not only one room with a private pool。Not to mention the open-air bath in the room、In 2 days 1 night per room, with a swimming pool29,000CircleAnd you can stay in the low low。Since the room rate only and will be staying in a name、I'm happy as long as accommodation to families.








Tokyu harvest Club Atami izusan&VIALA model




The hotel's main building、East building、South and divided into 3 buildings、We take care of、The South Wing2202 roomOfWith private poolSignature suite it is!






Powder room




1Temperature controlled all year round private swimming pool


To spend in the room slowly、Dinner is always indebted to "HERLEQUIN BIS"ofJunichi ItoChef have produced newly by 'KITCHEN BY ITO STYLE kitchen Ito style"Is it in takeout!




Limited's takeout menu、Recommended100% beef hamburger steak 200 g (with rice) 2,000 yenAnd'Homemade ham made from beautiful pork and seasonal vegetable salad"1,500 yenAsked.。Mainly shorthorn cattle (Iwate)、Yamagata beef beef mince tastefully 真nn丸., Hamburg、Meaty enjoyment guests can enjoy hearty! In either Japanese or Western sources that you like。Will this time Western source in a rich Demi-Glace sauce。Garnish with vegetables、Carrot、Onion、Broccoli、Potato、Ingen、Pumpkin、Paprika, etc。A beautiful pork loin finished to dilute the salty-baked ham、Must be in the original with a hearty salad made with sherry vinegar dressing。In the hotel、And vending machines on every floor、Placed on the IceMaker and microwave oven、Relaxing in-room meal or drink.


Champagne POL ROGER-pol-Roger

Pol Roger companyThe、1849 yearIn the established family-owned champagne House with philosophy and the "elegance and grace.、Are making excellent champagne。Without using any of the barrels and fermented in stainless-steel tanks by、Pol Roger pulls the delicate taste of the grape。"WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER"The ownerTetsuya OnoIs it more, gave you a birthday present! (I)


Fresh fruit flavors and flavor、Delicate lather lasting charm is an elegant Champagne。Ono, who always sensibly arranged、Thank you for!


BARBARESCO Barbaresco Aparthotel Paula Italy

Producers:Producer Torri del Barbaresco。Grape varieties:Nebbiolo。BarbarescoThe、BaroloOne of the finest of Italy wine along with the、The Barolo "King"And that is called、The Barbaresco 'Queen"As has been。Vintage very good drink of juice2000 yearThe one "Queen"And Barbaresco referred unto the 41-year-old's birthday was toast wine selection husband! Garnet beautifully transparent feeling、And early April is a bright brick-color gradient。Dry smell is fig and go persimmon、Star anise、Rise up that scent of orange liqueur、Sweet grapes rich and full-bodied、Corner due to aging, and has a mild taste、Exactly what drink is best wine palate。While wine、Sinks for couples who like Jazz、The talk time。Like very much this time!


VIALAThe、All hot springs open-air bath withThe auto-stop, one-button ease from taps powerfully hot springs。Has moderate temperature、Water temperature is adjustable to your liking in the hot and cold water。A warm body in the open-air、301 swim again at the private pool as the ° C。Champagne is good sense exercise (laughs) on the one hand, hot springs、Too much luxury of the hotel.


Then open all open-air lattice door、Beautiful and sacred morning sun.。The chirping of birds、Fluctuations in the trees、Repeated waves of sound。Celebrate the mystical morning!


Morning while enjoying the morning sun at the pool 1 swim.。Private pool just to、Is best to swim without worrying about the time.


Unlike the cloudy day、Best on that sunny day。During their stay at this hotel、By all means watch this beautiful morning sun。Getting up early is really a worm!


11Rainy day in March, was this year's first pool swimming (lol) for travel and buy the swimsuit。Perhaps、My guests in most early May.


Sun is rising.、All was not sunny cloud。Still great woman and a great man、What you have is different (lol)


And that lying by the pool、Puffy boobs fall into the trap like the float into a sea、Quietly stops at:。And looking up at sky high heaven、Is the Hawk flew at her coolly.、Reflection plane is still like a painting or as well.。This sense about taste。This hotel just 1 room only no private swimming pool。Summer will surely be booked out。Stocks may be the cool season ♪ (Please be careful as you cold have not caught、Please make yourself self health management.:Lol)


This hotel、"Body, spirit and environment"The natural harmony to promote"Holistic resort"As there are only、In to enjoy the grandeur of the natural environment、Best resort can feel peace of mind!


Maximum capacity is 3-up to 6 peopleSignature suiteThe、120㎡The spacious space、This hotel3RoomFor only。Guest rooms are equipped with kitchen island-style to enjoy with family and friends party,、Rooms with a private pool in this room, etc、Will elaborate room every room!


All rooms have views over Sagami Bay luxury。Relaxed style incorporating Asian Oriental Interior。1All year round、Japan can be felt through all four seasons splendor。If the roof terrace here in、It is undisputed even ultraviolet light, like Madame!


11It is the Moon、Warm 1, warm。It is necessary to soak it once in a while.


While feeling the grace of the splendor of the endless horizon and the four seasons、Membership based resort hotel where you can spend an extraordinary time "Tokyu harvest Club Atami izusan&VIALA"。Ken Chang、Thank you for your referrals!

Tokyu harvest Club Atami izusan&VIALA
Shizuoka Atami izusan 824 TEL:0557-80-0109

Shizuoka Atami izusan 824

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