「Cuisine de Garden Bkk」バンコクで自然をテーマに掲げた創作料理レストラン

Chiang Mai's famous shops in Bangkok's exclusive residential area Ofkamai Soi 2 area、2017Opened a sister shop as "Cuisine de Garden Bkk" on July 1, 2010!

Owner-chef Joseph Lee (Chef Lee) opened its head office in Chiang Mai in 2011 and opened its restaurant "Cuisine de Garden" It was four years ago that I was interviewed by Chiangmai (Cuisine de Garden)!
From his wife Nerisa Bee Han、Although I had heard the story of opening a store in Bangkok、I was finally able to visit this time!

Cuisine de Garden、And the chef turned furniture designer、The restaurant is a hot topic serving a fusion of molecular gastronomy, interwoven with the glorious award-winning chef Joseph Lee.、We also open stores in Bangkok!



"To feel nature even in Bangkok" and nature-inspired dishes in a gastronomy style!

メニュー構成は季節により内容が異なり「10 Course Tasting Menu(10皿のコースメニュー)」1,590THB(日本円にして約5,730円)のみで大変良心的な価格設定となっています!
1THB: about 3.6 yen (converted at the rate in November 2019)

店内は落ち着きのあるモノトーンの色調に間接照明を巧く用いながらアート性が高くシックでモダンな装いとなりますがインテリアの一部としてリアルな木を配し赤い小鳥が羽ばたくインスタレーションコンセプトとなる「自然」を大切にされている様子が伝わって参ります! 大人な雰囲気で素敵な空間!

ホールの一角にはバーカウンターを設置されておりSommelierが「Wine Pairing(ワインペアリング)」1,490THB(日本円にして約5,360円)なども対応してくださいます!


この日はコースのワインペアリングで頂ける「Aubert & fils Brut Champagne / オベール・エ・フィス ブリュットシャンパン」にて乾杯!

General managerのWIT(ウィット)さんがサーヴを担当してくださり一皿一皿の料理毎に食材や調理法、While explaining the concept in detail、It will be the beginning of a fun full course to the eyes that appeal to the five senses!

As in the previous Chiang Mai head office、Let me introduce lade's "Vessel and Traveling Series"、Potter appeared in the project part 1 "" 釋 Yong Yue (Gaku Shakunaga)"The sharp instrument boasts a simple stripped-down useless、Kazuhiko caudate, who participated in the planning part 2 (Kazuhiko Shimoo)San&Shimoo Saori (Saori Shimoo)And it symbolizes the beauty of Japan writer's unit "Shimoo design"、We will collaborate with wooden wares that do not forget rational and beautiful! Thank You for the Collaboration!!

"10 Course Tasting Menu(10 dishes course menu)"
Round-cutting log、Homemade bread served with a bowl decorated with dead branches!
The brioche of homemade leaf like "fallen leaves" with a riette of fermented fish with dill aroma、It's as if you're enjoying mountain walking!

An adorable dish that you can see the state of rice planting of the long-quiet "pastoral" scenery!
Thai purple rice berries in crumble、Let it crawl on the tartal of the cow、 Tamarind leaf is used like a seedling of rice planting!
Next door is a fish ball wrapped in a refreshingscent tamarind leaf!

3 "SNAIL PRAWN" x:Shimoo Design Ukisama Leeds Round Dish
The figure is finished like a sardine Yadkari、天然海老をパッションフルーツでマリネしグリルしたもの!

④「KRA-DONG」× 器:Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga) mars himawari Φ250
蟹の甲羅を籠一杯に盛り付けた一皿は「จับปูใส่กระด้ง(ジャ(プ)プー サイ クラドン)カニを捕まえて籠に入れる→じっとしていない」というタイ語の”ことわざ”からイメージを膨らませた一品!

⑤「HIGHLAND CAVIRA」× 器:Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga) Reversible petri dish Φ250

A dish named "Origami"、It has been subjected to a surprise decorated with flowering in paper like a flower!

When the flower opens by untsoting the string、The fragrance of aromatic herbs is put in the Japanese style soup stock taken from the white fish Cobi Fish.、A good smell drifts!
You can enjoy the soup soup with the gentle taste that japanese prefer while having condensed umami!

7 "NEST"
This signature dish, inspired by the bird's nest, is a dish i got at the head office in Chiang Mai four years ago!
Hot spring eggs with fragrant truffles use organic eggs!

Break the shell and drop it on the nest、We will have it with mushrooms while breaking the hot spring eggs!
Enjoy the crispy crispy crispy texture of the fried spring rain and the creamy and smooth taste coupled with hot spring eggs with aroma!

The main dish named "Rainforest" is a dish of fish and meat dishes!

The fish dish of the local fish leopard (karasgalei) and the meat dish using Iwate beef、Grilled with blended cocoa spices!
Both have the same arrangement、Puree with rice germ and seasonal mushrooms、Pepper Chutney and teriyaki sauce are served!

The treat of the ladybug is lovely.、ピリッとスパイシーなチリベースでアクセントに!

⑨「DEW」× 器:Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga) Carpenter Cut Φ200



現在は「Michelin Guide Bangkok2019(ミシュランガイドバンコク2019)」にも掲載されているレストランとなり古都チェンマイで名を広め活躍したJoseph Leeシェフの料理が今やバンコクでも味わえます!

Cuisine de Garden Bangkok(キュイジーヌ・ド・ガーデン・バンコク)
Address:12/6 Phatsana1, Northern Phrakanong, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand
TEL:+66 61 626 2816
Hours of operation:18:00-23:00
Closed on Mondays:Sunday

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