Lunch in French cuisines 'pause Cafe' feel free to enjoy the conversation


Give us close to the heart and a feel-good home-cooked food France cuisine、Like the dining table in the remote countryside of France、Enjoy the warmth of full time "PAUSE CAFE pause Cafe"Mr.。Kawai Seigo's owner/chef、Tsuji culinary France cuisine specialty College after graduationAnd graduated from the France school shuttered k rail、Joined aubergecatrecezon's、5Years after the cross to France for further study。1And in starred restaurants in France, including training,、After returning to Chez Moriah's Hamamatsu。After that、And separate the primary town opened the French restaurant cuisines these Cafe。For my wifeMr. Kawai Shima、Hotels in Germany a job three years after、Been trained in aubergecatrecezon、Under the chef now is that your husband as a confectionary、Are conducted along with your couple。The enjoyment of tasty cake made by his wife who has been there and、As the name、But just imagine a Cafe menu、Actually,、It is where you will find a casual French rest lann!


These Cafe's are excellent herbal teas and cakes made from local materials and a Quiche lunch is recommended、It is a popular female customers。2008With the renewal, and extend the store in September、Increase the number of seats、We provide a full course dinner。2500Circular course is hors d'oeuvres.、Pasta、Maine (meat or fish)、Dessert、The many kinds of coffee and。Another 3,500 yen、Chef and 5,000 yen course、Are reservations required。Parking is in the front of the shop 6、No. 2 is more、3 car park、Is your guaranteed 15 units、How to get limited、The better!




Store expansion after、Floor was originally in front of table 8 seats、Floor spread at the back table 22 seats、Even more new private。There's room and small room、Room is 3 persons or more available than(Max. 6 persons) is glad to families with children。Increases your happy just two world couples room。Lunch menu is as follows.。This time the、I ordered A lunch where you can feel free to!

A. Lunch (quiche、Soup、Homemade bread、Main dishes、Seasonal desserts、Coffee) 1250 Yen
B. Dessert lunch (quiche、Soup、Homemade bread、Main dishes、Featured dessert plate、Coffee) 1580 Yen
C. Special lunch (assorted appetizers、The main dish is fish and beef platter、Featured dessert plate、Free refills with homemade bread、Coffee、Tea) 1980 Yen


Chilled soup of potato and Bacon quiche

Is indispensable as a standard menu of this restaurant、 Eggs have many happy plump moist and creamy quiche。Boasts a popular real estate。Cold potato soup、Taste!


Homemade bread

Than "Nakiska" is out、While no longer was clicking and filling homemade bread is、Interwoven are black sesame seeds。


Basque-roast style chicken

And the Basque country、That style in the Basque region on the France-Spain border。And sauce onto the chicken was roasted summer vegetable Ratatouille、Rice laid out under the volume。The combination of tomato and basil sauce。Is refreshing scent of Rosemary with transfer included!


"Vinegar sauce Provencal Poole inshore fish'

Fish soft boobs and baked、Will be with you in a salad with a Ribbon-shaped fall falloni and vinaigrette sauce.


Dessert "in the Manger of the cranberry jelly、Served with mango sauce and seasonal fruits.

Small desserts、Our large amount of sweets do not 1度ni couple、Good sense of size。B and C courses、So with a dessert sampler、Who wants a lot of sweet stuff there is recommended.



You a casual French courses at a reasonable price、Women who enjoy leisurely after-dinner talk。It is important to not like chatting around the table every interval and cosy good!

Pause Cafe
Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku inception town 1303-10 TEL:053-437-2602
Hours of operation:11:00-14:00 14:00~ 16:00 18:00To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday

1303 -10 primary, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City

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