"Pasrel" new menu appeared! A great place to enjoy french cuisine like a coffee shop!

Along Orange Street in Hamamatsu and SanarudaiSara Plaza sanarudaiFrench & Cafe Restaurant "" was born in thePasse Relle(Pasrel)、To the newly born menu of French course lunch!

After a one-month pre-opening period from November 2019、12The grand opening on January 1st、A new French course has been launched.、The prefix style French course costs 1,800 yen.、We offer courses with a super sense of deals!

The operation of this place is、Wine bars in the city "Beige(Beige) and Hamamatsu Science Museum Cafe.Yamauchi based, (Yamauchi Motoji)It becomes a new store store of kun、A French chef who gained experience at a famous restaurant after training in EuropeShinya Kato (Shinya Kato)It will be a restaurant that invited the chef to open it!

What is Passerelle?、It means "bridge" in French, and "people and regions through the cuisine here"、I want to make a store that can become a bridge (Passerelle) with producers! And、The name of the restaurant named in the hope of Chef Kato!

In the bright shop where natural light falls in the daytime、The ceiling where the gentleness of the tree increases warmth is full of a sense of openness because of its height.、It becomes a stylish space that is based on white and is inspired by Brooklyn Cafe.、Lunch and dinner、You can also enjoy using the cafes!

"2 plat prix fiex(de-prat tuplic fix)" 1,800 yen

Lunch is a prefix style course menu、Both appetizers and main dishes change daily.、2Choose between appetizers and fish or meat dishes to choose from、Bread、Dessert、With a drink, it's 1,800 yen and it's a very nice price!

This time, we select each plate for both appetizers and mains.、I share it with my husband!

Appetizer "Aoi" / Lentils"

The salmon that is smoked after the fire is fragrant.、Enjoy the moist texture、The accompanying lentils are cooked with vegetable bouillon.、It has a good accent!
Vinegar in a homemade dressing、Salt、Pepper、Add the almond smash and season it.、Hamamatsu is a mix leaf of "Kato Farm" vegetables and Shibata "Tomioka Farm"、It is a salad that there is also a response to eat with an appetizer that you can enjoy a selection of farm vegetables!

Appetizer "Aoi" / Beats"

White balsamic is blown into a mist.、Seasoned beets cooked in the oven with beets with cuisson and orange juice、It is matched to the sauce made with butter monte!
Rosehip powder with fluid cell in refreshing gas trick sauce with cream cheese and orange、Arisamu flowers add color to the adorning、An adult-like appetizer that makes you want to match the wine!

The main fish dish "Salmon" / Turnip / Lake Hamana's Blue Nori"

The thick rose also makes the skin feel fragrant.、The inside is provided in a moist and aggressive fire state、A gentle finish by combining puree and soup stock of blue seaweed to enjoy the natural sweetness of the persimmon!
Served with a mini bowl of "Kato Farm"、White and green、The color which makes spring feel a little early in three colors of yellow is wonderful, too!

Main meat dish "Chicken Mune" / Kato Farm's Vegetables"

Chicken breast becomes a moist texture while enjoying the feeling of thickness、With plenty of sweet carrot cream sauce、I have it with charred onion powder and garland chrysanthemum oil!
What are the vegetables at Kato Farm?、Chinese cabbage with fragrant lying sweetness and small potatoes with a good texture、It is served with delicious mini carrots to the roots!

Dessert "Gato Chocolat"

Gato Chocolat with a rich flavor in a thick dough、Smooth fresh cream and sour flamboise sauce and fun、Well with the coffee is excellent!

Drink coffee

The good news is that the lunch course is also a set of drinks and this price!

Enjoy colorful plates using French techniques for farm vegetables that please your body at a reasonable price、Because the space between the table seats is also relaxed、The perfect French & Cafe restaurant to spend a rich time!

French & Cafe Restaurant Passerelle
Address:1-11-5 Sanarudai, Naka Ward, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture (Sanara Plaza Sanarudai)
Hours of operation:Lunch time 11:00-14:00( L.O.13:30Cafe Time 14:00-17:00、Dinner time 18:00-21:00( L.O.20:30-
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday、Year-end and new year holidays.
Parking lot:42Units、2nd parking lot 16 cars

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