The world of jazz dandyism drifting color incense! Shigeo Fukuda & Ko Hamasaki "Rachel Zrment"

2019/11/12(Tue) 19:30 Start!!
Shigeo Fukuda (Shigeo Fukuda) & Ko Hamasaki (Wataru Hamasaki)Rachel's Lament

Groovy and a sparkling touch full of lyricism!
Shigeo Fukuda, a master of piano (Shigeo FukudaMr. Hamasaki (Wataru Hamasaki) who goes the mainstream of J-JAZZ with overwhelming expressive power and a small-crafted slimming duo!

Bill Evans and、Casablanca”As Time Goes By”、Miles Dewey Davis III and famous places such as Pat Metheny、The ballad composed by Shigeo Fukuda in the image of the heartbreak of the main character Deckard and replicant Rachel played by Harrison Ford in the movie "Blade Runner"、2Pick up a few songs from "Rachel's Lament" which becomes a person's Album!

"Meticulously like the devil、Be as bold as an angel.。by Akira Kurosawa
You will be intoxicated by the jazz dandyism live that this word is left in the ear color incense drifting!

You can see the live photo album here!

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