Give a home meal only this time from the Hamana Lake drive in the winter

Spread sunny Saturday weekend drive、Car
Maserati Lake Hamana blows the "enshū-karakkaze" with the Quattroporte (Quattroporte)Kanzanji Hot SpringsTo!

And on the shores of Lake Hamana to visit "Kannagi Kanzanji Ropeway"And enjoy the radiance of winter Gulf"Ferris wheel"on the panoramic backdrop of Hamana Lake!

A photograph is a picture、Gelid is (laughs)

After enjoying a drive、Enjoy the game dinner only at this time in our House!

"Wild boar" hunting license with your family your friends from lump meat!

So fresh "wild boar"、Enjoying a wild flavor is also good.、Keep dipped in olive oil and marinated with salt and herbs prior to this time,。Back to room temperature、Sauteed garlic after stone ware roaster at finishing at the Center temperature 60 ° C、Mesmerize, wrapped in aluminum foil、Roasted Vegetable (carrot、Burdock root、Shallots、Small potatoes、Piccolo onions) with、You'd like to!

Recent、And make "vegebros"、Felt even delicious home cooking、Very active on the source of the wild boar!
Made using wild boar soup from red wine and daily drinkers be nine power fruit drink "NUKUHIVA noni juice" source reduced、Finished with thick with the scent of berries、With wild boar sauce is also good!

Portugal-Dan estates boast with 90 points Robert Parker, a 200-year-old "Casa de Santal Reserva 2012 2012 Casa De Santar Reserva ' rich flavor with rounded tannins、A powerful、Match the Red spice and fruit flavors to enjoy!

The game was good this time、Friends give us such luxury ingredients are thank you! thank you!

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