Fujieda French restaurant "lagap L'AGAPE" dishes are excellent!


I eat lunch in fujieda became fujieda go work so、To find the net and where do。Italian cactushouse friend's Yamamoto Hiroshi is doing well.、So monotonous and uninteresting to do new development! Discover the bothers and as usual in surf shops。The shops of the French "Lagat p"。I go immediately make a reservation。


This restaurant is open to the 9/2008。Tokyo Matsushita, the owner-chef.、Gain some experience in your stores in the Kansai region、I heard were trained in France。Restaurant is pretty tiny restaurant atmosphere with 12 seats。Only courses in food、Choose from dishes like prefix style。Lunch and dinner is configured on the same menu.、Only lunch main 1 handy provides course。There for lunch this time, the choice was a light menu B 2840 Yen。

menu A (Maine one article) 1,890 yen
menu B (Maine 2 dishes) 2,840 yen
menu C (Maine 3 dishes) 4,210 yen
menu D (Maine 4 dishes) 5,630 yen
menu E (※ To be approximately) 8,000 yen,10,000Circle
Bread、Soup and coffee、Dessert


"Two-color asparagus and crab Terrine.

In the saga of white & green asparagus cemented in consomme with crab Terrine、(B)--seasoned with fresh dressing flavored with rie.。It looks beautiful、Flavor is very delicate、This is followed by food so expect.。Many shipments of asparagus in Saga Prefecture, is a famous breed of "Welcome"、Ear opening is characterized by soft and chewy varieties other than small to moderate。Greasy so be sweet and fine、Such a simple dish of perfect ingredients。


Homemade bread

3The types of bread in the bag shop。This is funny!。Most bakeries!。


"Asparagus soup.

The soup was all courses come with、Depending on the season of the season giving the soup ingredients。Taste is never dark because it's not.、1 plate, left a deep impression and feel the spread in the mouth tastes of the ingredients and。


"France Challans production suffocation duck roast and confit (yen +800)"

Painted breast honey duck with ETFE, roasted、Offer in the confit thigh that、I thought how to come、I was surprised because it appeared in volume terrible。And étouffée (suffocation)、Originally、Put the needle to the back of the neck、And in a State of suspended animation、The bird carcass without removing blood.、Is there a way to ETFE with electric shock in recent.。By letting ETFE、With engorged blood in the body of the duck、As a result the blood into the meat rotates。Thereby、Strong flavor of duck meat containing iron is delicious。Is that first you bite from a roasted chicken breast、This is really delicious! I recently ate duck most in is not?。Anyway delicious rich flavor! The soft moist and the flavor is smooth and even。Bite and moderate elasticity and gravy spreads in the mouth。Now、It's confit and delicious too! Relatively where eat duck confit PASA! and the texture a lot in、Skin was crispy texture well、Soft body、It is juicy。Only just baked duck thigh、Tough and difficult to eat so the confit is great.。


Dessert is like BBQ from written on the Blackboard。Each bit by that choice can mean、It is likely to ask for such。Hyoka is written on the Blackboard in the choice of two。And black pepper、I had some strange ISO boasts Lees。


"Passion fruit mousse、Cattle call (organic butter cake)、Blue Cheese Tart
Strawberry (perforated Princess) and the navel orange sorbet.

Decided to get dessert all in small chunks this time。Relatively、The feel good food from the appetizers to the main desserts is quite disappointing pattern, which is、Dessert was delicious!。Traditional sweets of France in particular cattle call was very tender and flavorful。By the way cattle in France,、Number 4、Carl represents 1/4。Candy called cattle car butter、Sugar、Egg、Is made, put ingredients flour four 1/4 butter cake。Like a pound cake is easy to express。This restaurant is really dessert is great、Tourists to visit this woman there。Was all women except for us, actually had to come。



Coffee Crema covered surfaces are clean!。Good Crema is more detailed、Stir well away、To mellow the flavor、Scent lasted into the mouth.。


"Sweet tea"

Up to tea cake comes to after-dinner drinks。Real business and lying is of course。

And honestly I have finished eating it、There is no greater satisfaction and only so that they can。High cost-performance anyway is too。I think I pretty much eat food it's just with this amount of money is。3 both the appetizer and main、4So choose from the type you want to eat everything we'd、You may come in a large number of people because a considerable volume, share。In the standard course content so、8,000Circle、10,000Yen upon booking courses and earth come what you will be expecting.。Only、That is unfortunately far from Hamamatsu。More and more are now without a job in this shop go to fujieda。Want to introduce anyone lade article content, variously heard from Chef when we interviewed the following。

ラガップ L’AGAPE
Fujieda-Shi Aoba-Cho 3-3-28 phone:054-637-0290
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 18:00To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

Fujieda Aoba-cho 3-3-28

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