In the French tradition "Lagat p L ' AGAPE ' for dinner taste warts with a friend and his wife


France cuisine located on the corner of Aoba-Cho, fujieda Qingdao junior high street tenants 'Restaurant L’AGAPE"Mr.。Flag of France and the olive tree is a landmark which flutter。Main street from fujieda station is approximately 5 minutes away by car is not、Know French restaurant。In our couple's favorite is one of the restaurants.


This restaurant is open to the 9/2008。This year were greeted by September 2013, the 5-year anniversary。Owner-chef Mr. Takayuki Matsushita Tokyo.、Gain some experience in your stores in the Kansai region、After training with wandering France national open。Interior is simple with 12 seats in the atmosphere、It is a small restaurant。With Chef Matsushita's parents get a little、1Both kitchen and Hall has been Palazzo。Cooking course。Choose from dishes like prefix style。Lunch and dinner is configured on the same menu.、Only lunch main 1 handy provides A course 1890 Yen。This time the、To bring some friends and his wife dinner with good friends couples foursome。menu B (Maine 2) 2840 yen each ordered.

menu A (Maine one article) 1,890 yen
menu B (Maine 2 dishes) 2,840 yen
menu C (Maine 3 dishes) 4,210 yen
menu D (Maine 4 dishes) 5,630 yen
menu E (※ To be approximately) 8,000 yen,10,000Circle
Bread、Soup and coffee、Dessert


Matsushita chef this honeymoon of newly。And for the camera shy so this day niyakete it is (laughs)、Father seals can be seen in the Hall、Serve your father very much, dandy was wonderful!


"Chateau La rail Bell Jeu rack Seck 2012" France white 3700 Yen

ソーヴィニヨン・ブラン80%セミヨン20%醸造は伝統的最高に成熟した葡萄のみを摘み取りマセラシオン・ペリキュールを採用葡萄から多くの香りを引き出す低温発酵・熟成で卓越した石灰岩質モンバジャックの南に面した傾斜地に位置し、Enjoy the aroma of white flowers、Lime、Grape、Fruit、Aromas of mango。This feeling of Sauvignon Blanc of France。Color is a pale golden color。After lingering in Sweet-Sour refreshing acid、Ornate, invigorating、And is a high sense of satisfaction and dry white wine.


「フォアグラのテリーヌ グレープフルーツのジャム添え」

フォアグラを白ポルト酒でマリネしてテリーヌに仕上げられています。Jams is attached without let。Faint in agony in the depth of the smooth melt on the tongue and palate。In preparing and cooking method、Taste a very careful job Buri。And after a long day alone、酸味の優しいグレープフルーツのジャムといただくとそれはもうデザートのよう。This is true for foie gras is。添えられたコンポートは洋梨友人夫妻がこれほどに美味しいフォアグラを県西部ではいただけない・・・と正直な感想を述べて大絶賛していました(笑)



Taro、ごぼうフォアグラを詰めてガランティーヌに。What is Galantine?、Chicken、子牛肉などの冷製料理で鶏肉や子牛肉から骨を取り除いて広げ、Wrap the filling stubling and make it into a cylindrical shape.、ブイヨンで煮るか蒸し焼きにしたもの輪切りにして食べますそれにしても観るに楽しくいただくのが勿体無いほどの美しさしっとりと仕上げられたひな鶏と無農薬野菜が程好い食感を残し、It is very delicious!



大粒の浜名湖産牡蠣を瞬間燻製してありますお皿を運んでくる瞬間、Oysters wrapped in the scent of cherry chip air already smells of smoke stimulated the smell drifts, free all of us doyomekimasu (lol)、Keep flavor in the mouth have a lingering, taste of luxury。Because it was served with root vegetables are cooked nicely and gently resting in there!


"Scallop and mushroom steamed cabbage'

Scallop and mushroom wrapped in cabbage、Finish with warm vinaigrette。Carving and seeing pretty big scallops.。The flavor of the scallops and condensed gugus、Surrounded by the gentle scent of mushroom taste, 1.


Homemade bread

Pandemic and bakeries。And the "pandemic"、Unlike the bread hard systems enjoy the flavor of the crust (crust)、Is a bread crumb (contents) to taste of France。Here is、So flour and toasted French bread-flour,、During the surface crunchy texture and the filling is.、Sweet。Speaking of bakeries、And the image of acidity and hardness are easy、Feel the acidity of this predictable side is crispy and savory、During soft also scrupulously gentle texture, too.。Comes out in both hot!


Pork rillette with butter

Here is、If you like, we will give a pan。The smooth and strain Rillettes、Was exasperating not mild flavor.


Jerusalem artichoke soup

Jerusalem artichoke is known as "natural insulin" "inulin", and it contains abundant from、Health and beauty attracted much attention recently, is one of some vegetables。With enviable depth, such as burdock + taro、Features Jerusalem artichoke is a faint sweetness。Aroma is sweet potato、Taste the soil feels like burdock、Improves taste, such as think of idyllic mountain scenery in the country.


Fish dish of sautéed fillet of the Suzuki

Crunchy texture and plump with putting to sea bass skin potatoes were cut into thin strips 1 enjoy the texture of the difference。Will and refreshing with citrus sauce.


Fried rice stuffed roast for quail 200 yen

France produced quail stuffed。And stuffed、Meat and fish、Stuffed with different ingredients, such as vegetables in cooking。Vase without the quail stuffed with fried rice, roast。The high-protein, low-calorie, low-fat quail、Body tightened and elasticity。Which seems to cover the smallness of the quail stuffed with condition.、With a very delicious combination、Quail ever tasted is most impressive!


See Château La gasparde x June 2005 ' France red 4,200 yen

85% Merlot、12% Cabernet franc、3% Cabernet Sauvignon。Calm lobes due to aging with brownish edges of dark Garnet、Somewhat deep shades。Scent in strong dried fruit of Cassis and black cherry、Aromas of plums。Rosemary and clove、Also smells, such as black pepper savory sweetness feels、A smooth texture with a soft attack。Fruit is equipped with plump, with plenty of flavor and alcohol、Gradually increase the bulge。。Without compromising the flavor of the fruit、Then with a firm backbone flexibility。Is a sophisticated, easy to drink in mild acid Bordeaux.


Hokkaido-Cho, direct from ezo deer roast 800 yen

Hokkaido is the Deer Hunter shiranuka Matsuno's using only fell to bullets、Promptly handling and dismantling will be shipped。For meat kemonomimi not smell、It is a transparent look and lean。We will fit the Berry Sauce。Is the Maine suit so Bordeaux began to emit a relaxed and open.


"France Sharan from choking duck and confit' 800 yen

This restaurant is a couple we push menu。Painted breast honey duck with ETFE, roasted、Confit with two delicious taste of duck thigh meat, provide。And étouffée (suffocation)、Originally、Put the needle to the back of the neck、And in a State of suspended animation、The bird carcass without removing blood.、Is there a way to ETFE with electric shock in recent.。By letting ETFE、With engorged blood in the body of the duck、As a result the blood into the meat rotates。Thereby、Strong flavor of duck meat containing iron is delicious。Chicken Breast Roast、Moderate elasticity and chew, juice comes out overflow。And spread, rich with juice、Body and soft and moist and rich, smooth。The confit、The skin is crispy texture well、Please wear soft。Gem Supreme chanceller oneness in the source extracted from the bones.


After Maine、And while enjoying the rest of Bordeaux ago dessert abuzz with talk of travel overseas、Matsushita gave the olive tree"offers precure (thanks)


Dessert assortment

Choose from written on the Blackboard for dessert.、Each bit may I have come that as you have in your stomach、Let's all types。◆fresh (gelato) is written on the Blackboard in can choose two。


See babarachocolat、Blanc-Manger of the almond、Baba (drink with Rum)、◆fresh yogurt and Caramelized.

And all three desserts、Whats ◆fresh 2。So choose one kind is ◆fresh to be exact、The babarachocolat is possible if you have taste little by little if it taste all kinds (laughs)、Moist elastic smooth and classy touch.。The Manger of the almond、Mouth throat believed to melt、Stuck so close to the amount of gelatin used for hyperventilating shaking and hyperventilating so smooth and rich。Baba、Hasn't fully submerged rum、Juwaa-boobs and spreading adults a taste is a fragrant dessert。Enjoy till the end in excellent condition ◆fresh smoothness and richness.


Galette Bretonne

Place butter in a France、Brittany regional confectionery。Will France、Butter is rich with salted butter cookies。Enjoy a crust with texture、Moist and very tasty Galette!



Coffee Crema covered surfaces are clean。Good Crema is more detailed、Stir well away、To mellow the flavor、Scent lasted into the mouth.。Fertile mouth of friend and his wife have two both excellent dinner seemed to be pleased, really happy。Mr. Matsushita、I will come again?!

L ' AGAPE Lagat p
Fujieda-Shi Aoba-Cho 3-3-28 TEL:054-637-0290
Hours of operation 11:30-14:00 18:00To 22:00
Closed on Mondays:Monday night holiday (I'll do lunch) and other irregularly with (contact)

Fujieda Aoba-cho 3-3-28

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