In French "L ' AGAPE lagap daiginjo once a year 'ISO boast vintage with new year's Party


Tenant building in Aoba-Cho, fujieda Qingdao junior high street corner、Although flying the flag of France、Sat and quietly retreat to like、I know France cuisine "Restaurant L’AGAPE"Mr.。That is about 5 minutes away by car from fujieda station、Because it is not Maine Avenue、Enjoy the peaceful and quiet residential area。The shop is not even very big announcements, etc.、Popular gourmet tourney people go by word of mouth and referrals、Us couple is your favorite is a favorite shop located in the top。On this day、Fujieda from among friends "Maserati Hamamatsu"The General ManagerSugiura AkiraIs it more like a teaser、Dear sakeWill new year bring。The original、SugiuraIs it, neighbors may、Lagat pThe chefMatsushita, HiroyukiWith the、Previous work in French "Le feu ("rotundly" of the current)"And it's know I know of times in training and、Our edge there and also the common link.


This restaurant is the owner/chefMatsushita, HiroyukiMr. Tokyo、Gain some experience in your stores in the Kansai region、Trained in France after、2008/SeptemberThe national open。Interior is simple with 12 seats in the atmosphere、It is a small restaurant。For my wifeYukakoChan and staff bytes I of with the hands, are conducted。Only courses in food、Choose from dishes like prefix style。Lunch and dinner is configured on the same menu.、Only lunch main dish made withA course: 2200 YenProvides。This also、Plate number 2 plateB course: ¥ 3300Each was ordered.

A menu (main dishes from Braised) 2200 Yen
menu B (entrée main dish 2) 3300 Yen
C menu (appetizer main dish of your favorite 3) 4500 Yen
D menu (2 starters main dish 2 4 products) 6000 Yen
menu E (* reservation required Omakase course) 8000 Yen,10,000Circle
All of the menus in the bread (baguette)、Soup and coffee、Dessert


"Isojiman Junmai Daiginjo 35 vintage up the middle" 720ml Isojiman brewery

Here is、2008 yearOfToyako SummitIn since being used as a drink for toasts、Quickly it became the premier liquor during the、Availability becomes extremely difficult "Isojiman brewery"And it's pinnacle of sake"ISO pride take in" junmai daiginjo 35 vintage.It is。Every year11-1 dayTo becomePer person 1 limitedThe book is started、Number of production1,000BookThis limitation is very difficult to obtain, is a super premium。The design of the box、In the last year2014 yearThe new is new in green、Image ISOShells and starfishThe decorated with cute illustrations!


"Isojiman Junmai Daiginjo 35 vintage up the middle" 720ml Isojiman brewery

Beautiful bright blue bottle daiginjo。Now the Summit no matter what、For the quality and needs much better、The available degree of increasingly rare still wine and now。Finest sake rice at 35% Polish.、Ultimate were charged in only part of the core white wine。 Once a year、Gem gem in long Beach boasts fans shipped only a very small amount of。Such a valuable rice wine、SugiuraAnd he is every year always get is that as、In this year's whopping 6th! On this day、In the new year feeling open and drink in、Kairaku spot!


Sugiura's his hand and quietly happy pouring a glass of wine。Because of the finest Japanese sake enjoy fragrant showy ginjo、Is also served with a glass of wine!


2015 yearOfNew year's PartyCelebrate、IsojimanIs it the toast with premium vintage! Transparent crystal clear freshness full、Ginjo ornate porch burst into fragrant、In a mellow, the cleaner and better in your throat、Is a wonderful delicate palate later spread from the after taste! This is a very tasty Japanese sake! At the outset、In this Japanese sakeJapanese foodThat was going to fit、If this smell and taste、CertainlyMatsushitaIs it very delicate and elegant French produce should fit!


"Winter with much vegetable jelly.

Winter vegetable aspicThe、8Each kind of local vegetable boil、Bake、Cook、After frying, carefully processed under、Chicken consomme jelly it is.、Served with a dressing made with yuzu juice, and gracefully。The beautiful jelly was involved in cabbage、Beautiful colors、And even the texture of the vegetables each、Eggplant with torotto sweetness is the best! AttachedHow muchThe homemade、In beefing texture has firmly.


Smoked salmon salad

Smoked salmonThe、Saumur liquid overnight against its human、Marinated with cottonseed oil、Will take offers from sauteing and effort.。Our salads with savory smoked salmon sauce、Egg yolk、Saffron、Garlic oil、Garlic confit、Capers、With grain mustard、Nice acidity of the capers with thick accents and fit together well.


"Foie gras terrine"

Foie grasScented with the Cognac and white port wine, is made into Terrine。Jams is attached without let。Faint in agony in the depth of the smooth melt on the tongue and palate。In preparing and cooking method、Taste a very careful job Buri。And after a long day alone、Match made in heaven with Pear Compote and strawberry confiture、Dessert-like 1。Here you will、It is always conceals one appetizers! There is no perfectly well with the daiginjo.


Serve with homemade bread two smooth pork Rillettes.


Gentle on the stomach feel kind of cauliflower soup cauliflower sweet soup.


DaiginjoThe after、We also we bring oneWhite wineI asked Mr. Matsushita ♪ (take a carry-on fee)


Asatuyu (kenzoestert)

Kenzo estateAnd the、Established Capcom、Achieved success in the amusement industryKenzo TsujimotoMr. builtCaliforniaThe winery。Kenzo estate in Napa Valley at higher elevations are relatively cool for、Until the harvest period is longer than the other wineries。As a result、The grapes to mature slowly:、Even while fully benefiting Napa Valley Sun、Brix、Acid、Tannin、Balanced flavor、An elegant grape grows up。This highly valued as Kenzo estate only white winesSee asatuyu.。This vintage、From flowering to harvest much perfect weather、My previous best performance was called2013 yearWith masterpieces from the grapes of the harvest、Has to foresee the great vintage。And spread in the refreshing aroma、In the dense feel and fruitiness and acidity、You can feel the high level of perfection.


"Sauteed turbot.

Sautéed fillet of flounderThe、Skin side is crisp and the inside is plump and soft、White wine、Vermouth、White wine vinegar、The vegetable broth to boiling in the butter sauce。Distilled into a classy sweet scent of dill added to the finish with tomato sour taste、Draws a taste!


+600 Yen surcharge "roasted duck smothered roast and confit.

This restaurant is a couple we push menu。Do not eat the duck in this shop!、Will life.、I'm sure (laughs) étouffée (suffocation) painted honey duck with chicken breast, roasted、Confit with two delicious taste of duck thigh meat, provide。And étouffée (suffocation)、Originally、Put the needle to the back of the neck、And in a State of suspended animation、The bird carcass without removing blood.、Is there a way to ETFE with electric shock in recent。By letting ETFE、With engorged blood in the body of the duck、As a result the blood into the meat rotates。Thereby、Strong flavor of duck meat containing iron is delicious。First of all, from the chicken breast roast。At the moment put the knife、You can imagine the taste、Get big smiles。Moderate elasticity and chew, juice comes out overflow。And spread, rich with juice、Body and soft and moist and rich, smooth。The confit、Skin texture well in parisparis、Please wear soft。Is Supreme chanceller oneness in red wine and port wine source extracted from the bones.


"Kushiro venison roast granvenur" additional fee +600 Yen

Kushiro venison roastThe、Red wine and port wine-based sauce plus Berry jamGranvenursourceBy will。Lipid is less granular textureVenisonAnd in the mass、Strong、And deep flavor、Soft is the best anyway!


Choose from written on the Blackboard for dessert。The three desserts、No matter which you choose、It is possible also that little by little each。The hyouka、Spice、Pistachio、Caramel、Honey (the chestnut flower)、Yogurt、StrawberryThe choose from six types of 2 species、Please fit the desserts with assorted!


Dessert assortment

This timeDessert platterThe、From the left、Warm Gateau Chocolat、Cheesecake、Yuzu mousseOf of hyoka with three selectedStrawberry and honey (chestnut flower)It is。Moist andGateau ChocolatThe、In hot steaming less soggy and divided into、Cheek was a good stiffness and coffee、Smooth, gentle sweetness and refreshingCheesecake、Melt refreshing mouth so sparkling and sound and smoothYuzu mousseIt is also combined with a good。Of hyoukaStrawberryThe freshness of the season in、Chestnut flowerFrom the can be caughtHoneyThe、It is characterized by a thick sweet and slightly bitter flavor.




"The lemon part de cake" mouth melt smooth and fresh lemon sour.


Empty handMatsushita.SugiuraAnd I'm around、France and ItalyAnd overseas andCarBeing talked about、SugiuraIs it's turned and geeky hobbies、Insect OtakuThe story goesStag collectionの話で盛り上がるうちの旦那様(笑)いつまでもキラキラとした目で好きなものを夢中に語れる男性は少年のようでとても楽しく魅力的ですね!MatsushitaSan、I will come again!SugiuraSan、またご一緒しましょう♪

L ' AGAPE ragap
Shizuoka Prefecture fujieda-Shi Aoba-Cho 3-3-28 phone:054-637-0290
Hours of operation 11:30-14:00 18:00To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

Shizuoka Prefecture fujieda-Shi Aoba-Cho 3-3-28

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