Baked in wood-fired oven in the newly opened "Pizzeria Uno UNO chewy texture of pizza


Fujimidai, Iwata-Shi, was opening in the 10/7/2013 "PIZZERIA UNO UNO Pizzeria Uno UNO"Mr.。Pizza baked in a wood-fired oven is a chewy texture、Authentic pizzeria enjoy a unique wood-fired oven flavor.。Has been independent shopkeepers loaded training at the famous store in Tokyo。On the outer wall of the bright orange color firewood there store front parking on。


Inside is a light natural wood walls and spacious space.。A seat at the table 20 seats or so.。Solo also includes counter seats where you can feel free to enjoy。Lunch menu、Pizza, salad set at 900 yen ~ available。Drinks can be added is +200 yen。


The Board menu、Has written the day's special pizza menu。



Lettuce、Carrot、Cucumber、With nice acidity, such as radish salad and homemade dressing。It is salad and comes in a set of Nice!


While shopkeepers and adjust the temperature of the wood-fired oven、We'll each piece carefully toasted per order。


That pizza is ready to hear and feeling good.!


'Margherita' 900 yen

This price is quite reasonable, with salad。Fabric's texture and the rice cake。With tomato sauce、Mozzarella cheese、A simple Margherita fresh basil。Overall solid feel of brackish sources。Enjoy wine with good!


"Capricciosa" 1250 Yen

And capricciosa、In Italy, means "whimsical"。Translated as pizza chef's whim with its many、Also by the shop that day by day change ingredients。Here is、With tomato sauce、Mozzarella cheese、Ham、Black olive、In the Mushroom Pizza、-Ham and black olive、Salty and stable than the Margherita、Olive oil is also plenty of eyes。Hmm I、I miss wine taste is (lol) personally、Felt fabric have been burned crisp and plump, with a little high-temperature preference is、A chewy texture like those stuffed good。During the checkout、Whats the tasting bread had been placed next to the cash register。Yet like prototype、Bread was cooked in a wood-fired oven.。Whats up in the BLT sandwich、Click here also、Also have the texture 味waemashita.!

Iwata, fujimi 1-1 TEL:0538-39-1411
Hours of operation:11:00-14:00( Mon 11 open at night has also been )
Closed on Mondays:(Please contact for the irregular) scheduled on Sundays

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