Yokohama "Mira! Tama Plaza " Enjoy a glass of wine to go to feel free to Spanish Bar!


In Yokohama "Tama Plaza"The、In the exclusive residential area of 25 minutes from Shibuya Tokyu denen toshi line "、
Nearby is the kohoku new town、Quiet residential area expands。
The station "Tokyu department store"And、Climbed up the first slope shopping、
Which show the bustling Spanish "Mira!Tama Plaza"There。
2010September 7th.The thing from the open
Stops feel free to、"Shops to enjoy wine at a reasonable price"And spread by word of mouth、Quickly became a popular store、
2012April 23.The、As a nearby sister restaurant of the casual Italian restaurant "Barbaro"Has been opened.


Seats, 14 seats at tables、Counter seating for 10、And the 32-seat patio 8 seats、
Hours of operation15:59-25:59(L. O.)Has been slightly changed form and。
Evening15:59To 18:29Up to "Happy Shower"And named、
One person only980Circle! inMaximum 2:30 can drink sparkling wineIt is said
For this spectacular event is held every night.


"Mira!Tama Plaza"Open to per、Of the ownerHiroki OkuboMr. a、
Thorough research and flow around the store and people、It was kodawara to search for properties along the conditions。
And、The TAMA Tama Plaza North、Although Italian、
Spanish、Spain charges especially authentic food & wine Shoppe is not that、
Also、Not only about the Ramen shop come back by train、
From meet the needs you want to enjoy some yummy food and wine shop、
We incorporate the Spanish style。
"Mira!Tama Plaza"The street shopping district is way bright even at night、With many eyes of people home from work for、
Alone as well as casual counter seating many established、
Without charge、Menu dealsOne rice set 1500 yen (wine, appetizers and dishes)Suggested, and、
That worked out the concept that matches the style of the city、
So the grow store loved by many people.


Owner Hiroki Ohkubo


Fani enter age Okubo chef

032-faniente-1_300 (1)

Fani enter "vegetable terrine.


Cover of Tokyo emotional restaurants

1976Year born、From Kanagawa PrefectureHiroki OkuboMr. a、"Rosso enero"、After "bisboccia]、
1996In the year went to Northern Italy alone、Are trained in the area, such as the "Antica Osteria del Ponte.。
After returning to Japan in Yokohama、As the Executive Chef at Tokyo's Ristorante、
After that、Kawasaki saginuma opened in 2005, the young "fanniente"、
It continued.、2008Italian restaurant called "ultimatum" is to open in。
Despite the location away from downtown.、Quickly became a hot topic among the Italian favorite foodie、
Many repeat customers、Has been noted in most of the major Gourmet magazine。
OkuboAnd it is has been aimed at the "Ristorante" became more important in making the、
2010In backup of the San-m project in Ginza in casual "Trattoria artifice.。
While in the same year to Tama-Plaza of the Spanish casual "Mira!Tama Tama-Plaza "、
2012Open in ├italianbar "Barbaro Barbaro.、Where I am today。


"Mira!Tama Plaza' = 'Happy Shower"The topic of conversation、
On 300-400 of Cava is open。
Due to this project、"Wine shop"The pervasive perception、Customers 'Mira!Tama Plaza"The gathering prompted wine、
600,-it is surprising that when as many as 700 wine!
Wine by the glass、380Circle-centers up to 1,500 yen、Wine of considerable range from casual clientele and respond、
By placing the wine at 380 Yen cheaper than beer prices、Your order and focus on wine、
"Wine shop"By establishing、As we recognize the various。
"Mira!Tama Plaza"By offering all Spain wines has become、
The wine is kept more regular rate to、
Customers are familiar with glass of wine、Is always noticed the high cost performance。
And、"If you're drinking wine Mira!"Getting said.


ManagerHiromi Ueda,、My sparkling top,、
Trucker husband will offer grape juice!


Glass ¥ 750 / bottle 3480

Palace Balta is located about 40 km to the southwest from Barcelona Spain-sparkling wine "Cava" one large region Penedès、
Now for more than 200 years ago in 1790 was founded by home cusine、The family-run producers、2Is a female brewery House。
Cava started.、Casual range of red and white wines、
And better known as the micro-cuvée has been producing a very high quality wines only,。
Commented wine tasting and fully represents the vineyard and varietal character while also、
Majolica "unique home brewed taste, not a natural taste。
2005Years in the United Kingdom、The Decanter Magazine wines of Spain by John Radford,、
"Coming from this Winery、Spain Top20 "on has been chosen、
Introduce the Palace Balta's Winery in the Penedès has become the envy of even the wine advocate、
"In order to grow international Winery continues to evolve" and has praised.


Smells very elegant and fresh Green Apple and ripe citrus aroma。
Is reminiscent of the wine were harvested in the Highlands, in the delicate freshness.、Subtlety is feeling well.


CeBIT most 580 Yen

"Near" is often used in Spain wine grape varieties using luxurious and、
With no preservatives, colourings, sweeteners、Is a premium non-alcoholic grape juice fruit juice 100%。
Is the best suites of the adult thick.、Is characterized by a rich sweetness.


"Jamon Jamon iberico de bellota Joselito" one dish 3200, 1/2 plate 1,600 Yen

The jewel of the high-quality gastronomy ham、Kanagawa Prefecture and first!

Joselito,、1860Years by Mr. Eugene Gomez、Established in 1000 m above sea level is located Spain Midwest Salamanca giver.。
Low humidity in the cooler climate here、Ideal for dry and aged prosciutto。
Using fine craftsmanship、Jamon is evaluated and superlative、20The inherited the family business years ago
4By the second President Jose Gomez's (great-grandson of the founder Mr. Eugene) superior management skills grew up in the worldwide brand。
Famous food people all over the world has praised world of Jamon Iberico and Jamon company。
In order to complete the Jamon on top、From breeding sows including management only until the maturation of Jamon、
All the processes are managed in their consistently。
The Iberian pig、In order to maintain the quality、170,000is owned by a vast company of HA
And grazing with only (vast pasture, acorns and oak trees stand)、
2More than years of fed and spent a period of time、It raises of iberico pork meat quality。
Also、The Hamon formula utilizes craftsmanship and traditional methods, inherited from the founding。
The Joselito, "Jamon Iberico granleselva"、Iberico pig in taste、And quality were superior to
"Probejoeta (Iberian swine-purebred)" are aged over 36 months。
Its flavor is、Elegant and slightly sweet、Felt as good as salty and nutty aroma、
You can enjoy thinly sliced and moist and velvety smooth texture。
In the Iberico ham that is referred to as "treasures of Spain"、Those shimmering gem!
36The Jamon Iberico granleselva has undergone months of ripening、Carousel exudes a complex taste like aged wine.


Part-time staff enjoy the conversations with customers over the counterAyumiChan's appearance may。
And one person even、The fun thanks to give attendants feel free to light our staff at night。
Times visited、Guests have access to the counter and storage was talking quietly together、
This also、Very naturally the conversation was lively with nice next to Madame。
At least where someone does not understand the、It is possible to share a good time in the surrounding wine。
It is also、"Mira!Tama Plaza"The born because of counter your rim is!


"Crab Surimi Pan tapas" 680 Yen

Pan tapas and is、Literally、In the dishes serve tapas on bread、
Also referred to as Pinchos stab and olive on a toothpick and serve、One in the hand。
Miyamae-Ku farmers than for providing cucumber mold to grow in the lovely star-shaped or heart-shaped, training、
Decorate with quail eggs on crab Surimi。
Keep with a big mouth、Have fun!


"Hokkaido cod buñuelo. 780 yen

And the buñuelo、In Spain style、
Cod with potatoes and garlic braised in milk、Filter water、
In what was like a fried fish cake with egg yolk and egg white、This is staple in Spanish。
Alioli (garlic mayonnaise)、
Two Brabus source on paella and tortigna will be in your favorite。
In the hot, me、Enjoyed the texture and curvy、Liquor count as is the thumb.


"Anayon Chardonnay 2011 Carinena Grandes Vinos y Vinedos
Anna young Chardonnay 2011 carinena Grande Vinos y Vinedos.

Glass 1000 yen / bottle 4800 Yen

The Grandes Vinos y vinjeeds、Integration of several cooperatives established in 1997
One carinena is the largest producer of one of the oldest in Spain Aragon, D. O.。
Spread D. O. throughout the 4,300 ha account for about 30% of the total cultivated area of D. O. Carinyena-owned vineyards、Most of them have 500 m above sea level。
As a result、Can produce a wine with elegance in the fruit of the land、
Grown without pesticides、Pheromones in pest control, such as、Made by the eco-friendly、
Not especially obsessed with BIOT、BIOT whether or not more than、While preserving the environment and are committed to building a high-quality wine。
In the fields of Member growers reach approximately 600 restaurants database is created separately for each plot、Above sea level、Soil、The terrain is of course、
Of the growing season until the harvest is recorded in detail every year、
Staff support for home grown、Visit the field cultivation consultants once a week, and check the growth of grape、
Health status fields、Cultivation、Irrigation、Green harvest、Includes advice and guidance about harvest time, etc。
This detailed field database based on、4300What HA carefully from a vast field for best part of each breed、Is produced、
Anyone of Grandes Vinos y vinjeeds。
First vintage is great, D. O. carinena、2001 year。
Wine Guide、From Chile, gear and gourmet brewing officer、Special limited edition of Marcel, Morales cuvée。
He experienced in Chile and Spain around brewery、This wine is called "great unknown wines.。
The personality you are interested him in D. O. carinena、Fruit、Has anyone expressed in a modern, clean, concentrated、
And reputation in the professional publications、The new cuvée carinena is ripe, joined the lineup in 2011, 100%、
Spain's historic wine Guide、In gear, gourmet has been selected as "Spain's best wines.。
Grape varieties:100% Chardonnay。
Cashew nuts、Rich fruity taste oaky vanilla rising and ripe yellow peaches and melon、A gentle acidity。
The rich texture、A rich, feel the volume、Is a glamorous Chardonnay.


"Mira!Tama Plaza"In the current、Has been working as the head chefYosinori KoriyamaSan。

Yosinori Koriyama)profile

1983December, 29, was born in (31 years old)
Musashino graduated from culinary school
2005-2007 Ginza "PERO"
2007-2011 chef Ebisu "OCHO"
2011-2015 "Mira!Tama Tama Plaza "to the present, and he became a master chef。


Wind natural scallops Galicia 980 yen

The regional cooking of Spain Galicia-Galician style octopus tapas staple。
Boil and the Galician style、Turn off the、A simple dish just add pepper, salt and olive oil。
Here is、Instead of a Taco with scallops、
Spread potato confit、Paprika、The complemented by grilled onions。
Because it's simple、Is transmitted straight to taste 1 dish.


Roasted mustard sauce duck Hokkaido 1880 Yen

Cerivalley species、The breed is said to suit Japanese taste preferences, and breeding in the United Kingdom、For cooler climates、
Hokkaido Japan cool is the best breeding ground。
In the vast land of elmkep mountains located in Central Hokkaido, Japan、
Near free-range environment、Was raised in the fresh air and mineral-rich underground water、
In the pure white snow、Beautiful white featherSnow White CERI Valley
Flesh is softer, less fishy smell、
The snow white CERI Valley grew up with plenty of iron and mineral water、Boasts a beautiful lean。
1 plate is a thick red snow white CERI Valley duck。
Must be accompanied by Tasmania's mustard and Fig.


Surrounded by pleasant staff happy priceOkuboHirokiSan。
Partly out her husband lived near Tama Tama Plaza、OkuboWith a ten-year-old friend、
Always bloom in fairy tales、It is great fun!
In Tokyo、Free announcerMiyagawa ShunjiFacebook and been with us atOkuboIs it the story came out and told、
MiyagawaMr. a "FA NIENTE"Regular customers from the age、
As well as the family relationship with、Very good friends with that。
FunnyOkubo.MiyagawaAnd he's showed me the impersonator is、At the height of perfection is a surprise (laughs)
The next time、When you'll be able to play in Yokohama、Right or wrong、MiyagawaFacebook and want to come together, isn't it?!


In the lastOkuboWith a photo!
Love wine、"As many people want to enjoy wine!"That、
Straight to convey a simple message "Mira!Tama Plaza"。
So it seems you want to move to Yokohama、A nice shop every day you want to go。
Near you in as well as how to、Are transported to Tama Tama-Plaza area、Come visit us!

Mira!Tama Plaza
Address:Kanagawa-Ken Yokohama-shi Aoba-Ku beauty should be 1-12-3 Bldg. No. 7 pine beauty 102
TEL:050-5869-7927 (Reservation number) 045-509-1355 (contact only)
Hours of operation:15:59-24:59( L.O )
Closed on Mondays:Irregular (12/30、31Day、1January 1st is closed)

Kanagawa-Ken Yokohama-shi Aoba-Ku beauty should be 1-12-3

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