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In the evening of "JAMS"、Casual dining with an à la carte dinner.



In the seirei Hamamatsu General Hospital located in Sumiyoshi Street along the same tenants across the Board、Speaking of lunch is always include feel free to night in the crowded dining & bar "Jams Confiture"Mr.。To regular people and women who are very popular among the、At first glance I even familiar shop feel free to!


Shop kitchen in front of a counter 6 seat's、Table 2 seats、2F table seats 4 seat x 2 and、At the counter、Close as WADA's owner/chef、Feel free to enjoy delicious Western-style dining & bar。Good luck on this day、Was able to bother you before entering the patrons seated at the counter.


Draft beer ¥ 550 first drink at malt!


"Fried cream cheese and ham roll" 400 Yen






「ネブリナシャルドネ」チリ 白 2,400円



〆のメインをオーダーするとフライパン片手に調理に入る和田さん。2年前のブログ紹介でも彼女募集中と謳いましたが今でも変わらず募集中だそうです(笑)43歳料理が好きで温厚で奥手!?な和田さん、Speaking of either、スッと目鼻立ちの整った美人顔が好みだそうです素敵な彼女に巡り会えますよう、Cheering!



〆のメインはこちらハーブを纏った鶏もも肉をフライパンでじっくりと焼き上げ中はふっくらしっとりと仕上げています。Pleurotus eryngii、Shimeji mushrooms、Potato、オクラと葉野菜を添えていただきますたまたまカウンター席におひとりでいらした男性とスタッフの女の子を交えて和田さんの恋人談義に話が咲き盛り上がりました(笑)イケメンシェフ和田さんのお相手を希望の方は当サイトまでお問い合わせくださいね♪

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Sumiyoshi 1-24-10 TEL:053-471-1115
Hours of operation 11:30-14:00 18:00-23:00 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Sumiyoshi 1-24 -10

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Hamamatsu foray! House Wedding 'Mandarin Alur' facilities and introduction of concept! Bliss played "incontro" in through the open kitchen lunch
Hamamatsu foray! House Wedding 'Mandarin Alur' facilities and introduction of concept!
Bliss played "incontro" in through the open kitchen lunch


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