Casual kitchen opened in Baker's former Misato kitchen quiet residential area

Had a bakery in a converted House called "roundabout" to Park solder solder mount is in a quiet residential area of Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu-Shi。
Retirement declaration that Madame kept Baker 15 years or so where the opportunity to、KANEHARA in the Madam's daughter as she is couple with your "misato kitchen (Misato kitchen) "And named、Last year 12 / 8 to renewal open!

From desire "genres in delicious and we provide.、I think in a couple really delicious food provided、Lunch lunch deals、À la carte evening drinks are allowed to perfect lineup!

The day's first customers may、I asked arrived late for lunch!
Shop、In a space filled with the warmth of wood、One severe photos of the kitchen over the counter plate、Colorful shades of Western-style tiles and wallpaper are bright, cosy atmosphere。

A seat at the table covered with tablecloths and colorful Marimekko (Marimekko)、High female force of Interior。
On the floor at the back of、And a variety of sofa seats suggests that the trees in the garden、Unleash a spacious impression.

Lunch menu "today limited menu (this day" on the tenderloin cutlet ")" from the Hamburger Curry、Pasta and rice、In genres such as sashimi!

"Steak with demiglace sauce (rice, miso soup, small salad) 1450 Yen

Brand beef in Shizuoka in "Shizuoka wisdom" and align the Hamamatsu brand pork、Vegetable hamburger steak is offered in the hot plate、Is plump and juicier、From spilling the gravy、Its texture is soft flavor rich!
Are you as you enjoy a rich demiglace sauce cooked taste、In Hamburg in recent taste of hell!(〃)Be Eulalia ')Impression!

Rice、A healthy red rice, mixed rice、The miso soup made with homemade miso、This is a delicious, full of flavor with ingredients of dried daikon and shiitake mushroom!

Got a sweet daughter in season、We mini with plenty of colorful excellent well balanced seaweed salad with Sesame Dressing!

"Roast chicken curry" 1200 Yen

With plenty of chopped onion Curry、Without using any butter and flour, healthy、That are completed by original spice! Savory baked chicken at Jussieu、Nice spiciness of curry、It offers tasteful not in butter and flour!

The lunch set、To come with a drink、Summer with homemade Basil juice happy and refreshing "iced coffee (Horiguchi coffee) "For、Great lunch!

To ledspace shop、Once a week、"Roundabout" is Madame's burnt bread, scones, and hits!
This suggests within walking distance from my house、It is in the kitchen of my house (laughs)

I think next time I visit in the evening ♪ found a good shop!

Misato kitchen
Address:5-19-20 mountain Handa Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu-Shi
Hours of operation:11:30~ 14:00、17:30-21:30
Closed on Mondays:Monday、On the third Sunday

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