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2012July、Italy restaurant opened in Handa mountain "incontoro incontro"Mr.。Tokyo in French、Aims to be the total of the Italian chef Tomonori Kimura、Enjoy authentic Italian in the unpretentious atmosphere that。浜松の上質でバラエティーに富んだ食材を最大限に生かしHamming it up have in French technique, such as Esprit、Pursuing your own Italian stuffed without sparing the effort.。However,、Feel free to forget、Designed with an open style kitchen and large Windows that welcome casual。And "incontro"、In Italy, means "dating / relationships"。Through this store.、And connect with people、Delicious and dating、Like you having a happy hour、Has provided us with fresh ingredients in Italian!


Tomonori Kimura of the owner/chef is opening of national goals for 14 years、Tokyo French、Advanced training at the Italian restaurant。4She moved to Hamamatsu from two years ago in the local wife、After learning about the sales in other industries、Is led to the opening of this。Total retail floor area is 20 square meters.。Seats are L-shaped floor space has the right to keep and are provided with 26 seats。Interior wood and white colours and、Has been kodawara in the sense of live to eat while watching the cooking by placing the open kitchen in the Middle。Lunch menu、As shown below。今回はAのパスタコース1,550円とBのメインコース1,780円をそれぞれにいただきました♪

A menu (appetizer、Pasta、Dolce、Coffee) 1550 circle
menu B (entrée、Main、Dolce、Coffee) 1780 Yen
menu C (appetizer、Pasta、Main、Dolce、Coffee) 2500 Yen
* All the above courses。Dinner、Above course on "start 1 dish" +100 ¥
Italy regional cuisine course (beginning 1 dish、Appetizers、Pasta、Main、Dessert、Coffee) 4100 Yen


"Cantaletti Pinot Grigio" Italy white 2300 Yen



With pork and chicken liver Terrine with prosciutto and cheese

Water-holding capacity of pork meat and weak、Fat sweet、Create unique texture、Plus rich and flavored with chicken liver。Enjoyed the texture of pistachios in some places。Is filled with salt was served with Parma ham and Parmesan cheese is delicious!


Mediterranean-style octopus Hamana Lake region and three raw potatoes

To see the Octopus from Hamana Lake、Taco reminded me of "Octopus of takiya fishing" just the other day in my home and fighting desperately, mackerel (lol)、Is sweet and bouncy、Goes well with plenty of vegetables and olive sauce。Potato texture firm left eye were delicious in a salad only、Is an appetizer are exactly designed for white wine.


Homemade Focaccia

Soft also I click soft Focaccia、Will be in homemade whipped butter。ホイップバターの滑らかさと軽さにフォカッチャが進みついおかわりをいただいてしまいました♪


Basil tomato pasta with summer vegetables and sausage



"Pork shoulder with Herb bread crumbs baked tomato with olive pure"

1,000Her yen for lunch and the volume of。To put the fire slowly over the aluminum foil、Plump finish.、Confined to maximize flavor and sweetness of the meat, provided。Plus 2 sauces that sour tomato sauce with olive pure refreshing feeling.


表面は香草パン粉でサクサクこんがり、When you are、豚特有の繊維質から溢れるジュース見事なピンクカラーで弾力を噛み締めながらジューシィーに味わえます♪


"Many grape Panna cotta" grape skin and very delicious.、Panna cotta is silky and smooth in your throat!


"Jelly cream cheese with fig Compote" an adult palate fig Compote with thick creamy cheese!



And how food ingredients travel utilizing a polite work Buri satisfying lunch。And friendly with the children, there's also "chairs for children"、Housewife's friend, familiar and likeable shop。夏休み旦那様と2人の食事も良いですがお子様と一緒にちょっぴり背伸びしだけど気軽にイタリアンにお出掛けするのも良いかもしれません我が家から程近いこちらまた是非とも伺いたいと思います♪

Incontro incontoro
5-1-21 mountain Handa Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu-Shi, TEL:053-571-4517
Hours of operation:11:00-14:00 17:30-21:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday

5-1-21 mountain Handa Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu City

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