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Hamamatsu foray! House Wedding 'Mandarin Alur' facilities and introduction of concept!



2013On June 8, Grand opening、Wedding suddenly appeared in front of Hamamatsu Act Tower "Mandarin allure"Is he the went to visit。This is in the bridal industry.、Aichi Prefecture Ichinomiya city young talented President Kawai Tat ming said the fastest growingLtd. BrassIs it the 12 store offers。Trees in the area could become a symbol of the healing of the、It came all the way from Kyushu、Little forest in the city is ready.


At the entrance、This original dressB.DRESER ビ ー ド レ ッ セIs it the white dress is a hit。Ceilings are Atrium、Like the kodawara in the ceiling height、Has been designed to effectively utilize a compact facility.


The concept of this place、"Age Chanel had been active.。Some of the era, with France a famous fashion designer Coco Chanel。And you let me disturb you in the waiting room、Keeping calm drifts or somewhere you have slipped to 19th-century atmosphere and elegance.


This time、Venue tour guide to help you、Meeko Aki (kuwabaraaki) Chief Planner, I。In the charming smile、The energy even from the Petite figure, not like pouring out。1But an hour or so you've、Very nice clean!


Before the Wedding Banquet Center、Are equipped with little happend、On this day、Bridal advise bride & groom is tasting courses here and in、Had been set up。It is a luxurious atmosphere while enjoying the green of the garden。Here yet.、It is open to the public as a restaurant is not a、Either you are including lunch、Is that supposed to。In the rousurdain's mukaiyama ForestA in Toyohashi as operated by brass、French lunch in our room at the general public and so、1Once you would like to visit.


Here is a wedding banquet.。Atmosphere in the tea system。Screen is also a whopping four and placed in the Hall、Introducing the latest BGM equipment、So uptown and Grand receptions.


That seemed interesting rendition、The progress party、And MC bride & groom sign、Kitchen usually invisible screen changes to the clearing and、That will be in the kitchen are all overlooking。Cuisine of head chef and staff, I can see that will be produced by、Their food is carried in front of the guests.。With immersive Hall and kitchen walls to get rid of what is。This sight、It is also popular for small children.


This is the 2nd floor waiting room from Chapel road.。Around the facility, let alone、Green filled in the premises of that will lead to healing space!


Chapel entrance。Welcome to big olive tree。Is likely to grow by photosynthetic light fine on the facility.


The chapel ceiling painted arch、Pillars decorated with Mandarin colors。From the ceremony here for the wedding reception、Full Charter House motto、1Am、Are only two pairs into the afternoon of construction。And protect the Planner system、Is affected by the thoughts of the bride & groom、Two guest travellers travellers have been taken that would be best for a special one day。For progress, such as a wedding reception、Two completely original becomes mainstream、Particular plan designed not so。Here you will、Our planners and all kitchen staff、Each company's philosophy "Burasurabu"The faithful in credo、I felt so alive and wanted to work。In the bridal industry in Hamamatsu in the future will also be a new wind to stir up!

Mandarin Allure
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku itaya-machi 702 TEL:053-458-3738

Ltd. Brass

District Hamamatsu-cho 702 Itaya

"New Inukai Ryunosuke & Yamauchi, Tatsuya World Music Concert ' is was a great success! In the evening of "JAMS"、Casual dining with an à la carte dinner.
"New Inukai Ryunosuke & Yamauchi, Tatsuya World Music Concert ' is was a great success!
In the evening of "JAMS"、Casual dining with an à la carte dinner.


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