The historical Western country style on the "Shanghai Bund" Yellow River West Bank town

Huangpu River located on the West CoastShanghai Bund the Bund ShanghaiThe、And Shanghai Pudong at night like a futuristic city to tourist attractions、1842Since the Nanjing Treaty port of、During the festive flourished as a centre of East Asian trade and finance、The streets still lined with its historical Western Group was built to compete with international trading companies and banks is popular!

Out of the Bund、While Shandong road refers to the area along the total length of 1.1 km.This region is、19Century from the concession area during the first half of the 20th century (Shanghai concession)。A flamboyant era at the time, this area is known also known as "world architecture Expo" and also、Baroque、Renaissance、And watch the various architectural styles, including art deco、Retro atmosphere fills the air!



Outside view of Pudong from the promenade of the Bund side view!

Of the 492 m high "Shanghai world financial center (Shanghai World Financial Center) Shanghai environmental finance Center "from the、The 468-meter "Oriental Pearl Tower (Oriental Pearl Tower) Oriental Pearl Tower "until the great panoramic views of skyscrapers are powerful!

Along the banks of the fact that、Feel the gentle breeze afternoon afternoon。Stroll the Boardwalk so comfortably is recommended!

It's downhill trails、Go straight in Shandong province and you will see what a huge figure! Arturo di Modica in the American sculptor (Fanpage Arturo Di Modica) By、1987Is my giant cow produced the hope blossoming New York again after the stock market crash happened in United States Wall Street charging Bull China and outside is also located in Nada!

Its name is "financial Bull"!

Weighs 3200 kg (7100 lb).、Height is 11 feet (3.4 m).、16 ft (4.9 m) in length and size and weight as equivalent to、There seems some differences in its brave figure! The position of this ferocious enormous cow、Because it is a means to increase the stock price of the brotherhood、To get the financial benefit should a commemorative photo together!

Into which the giant cow, looks、1923At the old Hong Kong S.A.R. Shanghai Bank Shanghai Branch was built in the current "Shanghai Pudong Development Bank(Bund 12) "it is! By perm & Turner architects design、Harmonious appearance becomes a characteristic of neo-classical architecture、Outside will be particularly heavy atmosphere at Nada!

Here is、But now banking business as usual.、On-site visits would be possible!

On the ceiling of the central dome、Tokyo、London、Mosaic painting at the time, such as the New York financial center, is a sight to see!

High vaulted open ceiling with pride、Dignified with its marble pillars is a sight to see、The classical atmosphere will be healed!

Next to it is、15Is also the appearance of the clock tower bell rings every minutes "Shanghai sea related"、Have a taste!

Outside on the Bund、Classical Hotel Shanghai history strive "Fairmont peace hotel Fairmont Peace Hotel(Bund 20) "introduction、For famous restaurants scattered in shopping complex、Becomes a place where you can enjoy shopping and dining!

Would you have time、Lit neon Galaxy Navigator and I please enjoy scenery at night!

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