Try to enjoy the inherited technology of Toyama Bodhidharma founder Bodhidharma, Kunihiro Takahashi meijin Soba


Speaking of buckwheat "Mr. daruma"Nobody will。
Mr. darumaLegend buckwheat noodle masterIt is saidTakahashi, k.Soba is said to。
NowHiroshima School of fine ChineseThe2015On May 6th.ToCloseoutAnd、To Oita to pass on technology transfer shopIt is likely that。

Such a thingDharmaIn the Soba artisans were trainedYamazaki ToshiharuBut he was opened in Toyama "Toyama Dharma"Mr.。
All materials, how to make and taste quality、Even one person to many people
"Delicious」「Good eating"And seems to be so cordial, soba noodles are made。

Enjoy Dharma clan obsessed with home-made powder and hand-made soba noodles、Japan's Toyama DharmaJust that and that、
Of love 'Patisserie giraffe' And it's from next to the、
I visited several times.、Could not always fully booked I bother you at。
This time the、Free good luck on shop and enjoy Soba because it has been, I've。


Seats in the balcony

Japanese quietly tucked in an alley near the jinzu River and entering the modern stores、Restaurant you can feel the warmth of the wood。
Table is sorted in natural wood flooring、Views of the garden from the counter has a taste。
Back in the quaint living room also available、We would like that this time our soba noodles in there。


'Come' 800 yen

Came out fine cast in pure buckwheat。
The buckwheatHokkaidoIbarakiNaganoFrom6TypeThey are purchasing、Gen Soba formulations so that change depending on the time。

The Zaru Soba、You can feel the taste of buckwheat。
FragranceChewyThroatThe、Enjoy the flavor of the noodles because of carefully selected materials and any stay sharp hand slap that。

Do not left black leather with daruma、Divided into eight large Gen Soba, has stripped the skin。
After peeled black、Only the required amount of millingSo、Daily fresh soba noodlesIs likely to have been。

By carefully dipping sauceHokkaido Hakodate City South, southern town a veritable tangleKagoshima Prefecture makurazaki city blight this sectionCamellia donko from IzuThis was 'It's"In、
Matsumoto Okubo soy sauceTaken back to、Just cum and tasteIt is。


Countryside near 800 yen

Is generally cut into thickish elasticity is、Enjoy the rural, rustic flavor.、
This country is in the menus and soft texture、It was not like Soba。
Zaru Soba is delicious it is!


Vegetable Tempura 600 Yen

Myoga、Asparagus、Eggplant、Mushroom Vegetable Tempura。
Crispy fried Tempura、Better compatibility with and soba noodles、Be delicious salt or boiling the hanging!



Petite boobs and thick strong dashi for buckwheat noodles is so、Think favorite is divided、Glad it's natural thick Soba。
After a light lunch、Our neighborPatisserie giraffeAnd I'm in Let's Eat dessert!

Toyama Dharma
Toyama Prefecture Toyama Kurose-Cho 1-Chome 8-8 TEL:076-492-3989
Hours of operation:11:30-15:00Closed on Mondays:Mondays (open if the holidays、The next day holiday)

Toyama Prefecture Toyama City Kurose-Cho 1-Chome 8-8

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