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Passionate feelings for France confectionery tradition is pastry chef Patisserie giraffe continue creating pierces, HONGO, Jun-ichiro



Shimizu's springs、Peaceful pastoral scenery、Much like in the wilderness of the Tateyama Toyama reminiscent of Paris, France、Passion for France confectionery tradition is carried out、Keep created by pastry chef.。Its name is Jun-ichiro HONGO (age 46)。1969In January, 2.、Born in Toyama City、Originally aims to cooking people、He graduated from culinary school will be working to a French restaurant in Toyama。However,、Young, even if confidence in physical fitness、Captive too long early in the morning, late at night、1 this year days without even enough touch around the world、2Is the small questions arise in my years and more。Once you have more experience, more you broaden your horizon、Do not make more good ones? And ask yourself every day、And it is one of the answers to。Time given is limited。To cherish their time、Eliminate waste、And to experience many top priority.。Instead of a chef、And decided that the master was impressed with former experience in overseas France confectionery specializes in the way、His early decision、Right off the bat head to Osaka renowned will practice at the Patisserie。


And 27-year-old、Ripe 11/1994、In the Toyama nezuka France authentic pastry shop opened the "Patisserie Giraffe"。If you want to time、Because that's not a lump cake shop comprehensible to the general public、Referred to took a lot of time to get ready but was aware。1 month after 2 months or so, open。In the thick snow in Toyama、And experience the rigors of management that NordEst, there are a couple of days、In bad condition ill and Haggard finish、Daily rigors and evolve in Toyama also difficulties and suffering。But because of the way once decided to、Results attained without changing the line、So aesthetics through its immutable immovable、By word of mouth that slowly works their personality he created his world view and traditional sweets in the people、Call the people who、It is to grow up to be admired and renowned unsurpassed in Toyama。As for the fans though very slightly, and eat sweets of France's、And pride themselves for、He did not give。Even the cake per one、And if you think for the amount of work that I am doing to be expensive is proud。

In the giraffe、Chocolate candy is more abundant overwhelmingly.、Made of chocolate、Coffee、Tea leaves、Wine、Cigar to cultivar and provenance、Becomes something else entirely by the manufacturing process.。Utilizing the individuality of each baking is bakery giraffe identity。With that thought、Constantly increasing fan base、Now nine years ago, 2004、Plays in Kurose-Cho where the current transfer renewal open。Carved along the banks of the jinzu River to white iron art entrance、Look、Atmosphere beauty and Toyama。


He originally had an interest in design、In the hands of their own design shop、All the Interior also self coordinate with.。And the image of France frequently passes the best hotels、In the garden、Planting of trees、While enjoying the views from the large Windows、If there were treated as France Salon、Hope you want to taste the cake time、It was envisioned。Antique lighting inside and tables、And one leg legs and taste unique Chair their。Interweaving Chinese furniture、To have received inspiration from a Paris hotel is also created by the fusion of Eastern and Western world。




He can't hide that sticking to the cake、And then rebuild traditional France confectionery based on it、In addition to twist their dishes with contemporary things, and creating、Full of creativity、Design of、As much as it is deprived of eyes just beautifully。Although never used to fancy、Color is very simple。Should I say、It is his personality。That is the、It more bite、It is spread to the mouth deep and exquisite taste worthy of the history of France。


Over the years through limited seasonal desserts also are lined up with the original classic、A typical cake of the giraffe”G”The mark Pelle、It's now more than a decade ago is designed to。In the process some cooks to compete in contest、As France people prefer cake、The birth of the "piege" from chocolate specialties consider requests。And、In the contest and won the first place and take the honor of。After that、Pelle and arrange designed boutique、That leads to the evolution and now little by little during the past 10 years。With the birth of every single cake、HONGO said each has a fondness。Travelers frequently have salon for the first time、What do you recommend? That seems to be heard and、"All of my recommendations exist in the showcase"、It is said too much。But、Not just his kindness may be。


'Melba' 546 Yen


'Concord' 483 Yen


Mad clown 567 Yen


"Manger" 451 Yen


"Tart au chocolat caramel sale' 483 Yen


"Conger" 546 Yen

Speaking of Salon customer story、Told about this amazing experience。Giraffe cake、So very loyal to France、The sweetness and richness in France、Is a feeling、Such cakes、1 day and 22 type in the case of food, there was the man who told us that it is。And no such customers ago after。Now、A man who was eating the end、Come all the way from Tokyo have been coming for me is。A core that could impolitely said to fans、Be honest、Core I think that there are fan shop。And、My core so their crew in the fan、That is not to mention。He has been supported by such giraffan HONGO、Now、That young would-be and around without changing the idea felt、”It's time to”Continues。This desire is、Seems to pass on to the children of the young pastry chef wannabes work in his words。Will he pursue much irritation due to holiday、Eating out in beginning wine in the car、Sea fishing and softball, demanding that。His work and play with the real world always France confectionery。By all means try taste you want to is coming to Toyama。


Patisserie giraffe
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