In Toyama "Patisserie giraffe.、Cakes their distinctive feel France


During the homecoming of our couples always go、Patisserie located along the banks of the jinzu River Kurose-Cho "Patisserie giraffe"Mr. so、You can find cakes their distinctive twist by owner patissier and Mr. HONGO, Jun-ichiro rebuilt France confectionery classic while contemporary。We are contacted in advance、APO's coverage of the site readily accepted the time when you were able。But that close up interview content owner patissier, HONGO's article comes up at a later date、Before that、Let me introduce our couple's favorite cake。Now、During the stay of one week、Diner many times?!


Shop、Antique lighting and furniture order.、Stores and soon two mouth-watering cakes in the showcase and baked sweets they appear。Right showcase、Chocolate candies, baked goods, such as gift and gift order.、Left the showcase、The chocolate cake is。If you happend inside of a cake from the、Wandrinkk ordering system!


Will happend、Simple, we、Stick filled with antique tables and chairs is the sequence、Keep somewhat dropped the daytime brightness lighting、Exudes a warm light pouring from the curtains and soft feeling。Table that seats 12 seats、The music's flow bazanova、Space like there is in the whole wandered into the Salon in Paris, France.


¥ The "piege" 697

Huge macaroon Giraffe "G"-mark remains in the impression is、Figs from Turkey, and with red wine and Cassis Compote、The chocolate, vintage port wine soaking soaked、Is a Macaron taste better。Tasteful、Was with a knife and forkCake instructions、Illusions are like our French courses to be conducted.


"Bossa" 472 Yen

In the creme mousse strong coconut aroma and coffee and milk caramel、Chocolate crisp。While listening to the song that represented Bossa Nova "Gilberto" want us and made request。In the shop、Is the daughter of João Gilberto Bebel Gilberto both CDs、Moist and smooth creme texture in、Claiming the existence of a coconut、1 afternoon, heady with the BGM.


La giraffe 693 yen (cake at 577 yen)

On this day、I ordered espresso and Cafe。Coffee whipped cream, served with orange peel and cinnamon powder。And mild and sweet taste、And aroma Café。Over the years, how many times you visit、We do not hear is kinds still showcase the cake。At a later date、Visit again to my partner's birthday、"Concord" cake for another 483 yen and "Melba" 546 Yen in sparkling wine toast salt celebration.。Alright、Rest days。Where you will find many more? (Lol) in coverage extended over long periods of time、HONGO, is still eating out is your favorite?、So were introduced to the sushi bar recommended in Toyama、I went there to。The eat log diary here!

Patisserie giraffe
Toyama Prefecture Toyama Kurose-Cho 1-8-7 TEL:076-491-7050
Hours of operation:11:00-19:30 Closed on Mondays:Monday

Toyama Prefecture Toyama City Kurose-Cho 1-8-7

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