In the "In-N-Out Burger" United States most popular Burger restaurant Gabriele!

In-Out Burger, which opened its first drive-through-style hamburger store in California in 1948、California and Nevada in April 2016, mainly in the southwest and central United States、Arizona、Utah、growing with a large fast food chain with about 310 stores in Texas、It is famous as a very popular hamburger shop in the United States!

While touring tourist attractions、Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Hasegawa who immigrated to Provo, Utah, USA、We stopped by for lunch at "In-N-Out Burger" in orem- in the neighboring town of Orem.

In the local reading、It becomes "Inenaut Burger".(-Be ω-Isuzu)^☆
In-N-Out、Order accounting in line at the cash register、Secure a seat with a numbered receipt at hand、It's a style that waits for the number to be called.。

The menu is basically double double (patty and two pieces of cheese)、"Cheeseburger"、Hamburgers、Four kinds of "French fries" and very simple
This time the、Double double burger and French fries and drinks "Combo♯ 1 set 6.15$ (Japanese yen):About 680 yen"

What's the secret of this popularity?、After all the order is received, it cooks.、No frozen products、in addition to the security of using fresh vegetables、and cheappricing.、Aiming for 100% customer satisfaction、There is a back menu to suit the needs of the customer!

If you look into the kitchen,、French fries also start with cutting potatoes、You can have fresh fried potatoes!
Crispy lettuce, tomatoes and onions used in buns are colorful and appetizing.、
For patties with meaty high quality US beef、A hamburger full of melting cheddar cheese、BIG SIZE enough to open a big mouth

Further good news is that、Drinks are self-service and free to refill!
Pour as much ketchup on the hot French fries into a cup with it.、I realize that this is an American place!

Ketchup booth、Jalapeno pickles are placed、You can also eat as much as you like.。
It's so intense that this jalapeno pickle is paralyzed again.、It is not stopped by the taste which becomes a habit!

On the way home, I had plenty of drinks in the cup.、To the car.。
Take it home in a paper bag with jalapeno pickles、I carved it in pizza in a share house、We had a snack of beer!
The next time、If you have a chance to visit、I would like to challenge the back menu by all means♪

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