Launched as a brand new "showgenberger" popular barbecue restaurants beef burger

At the shopping center as no stranger in Toyama、Good beef and popular "BBQ House Imperator [Toyama:I run a "Honda HirokiThe new initiative、4On April 1, Wagyu Burger Shoppe "Shogun Burger (showgenberger)"We opened!

Place、Toyama CitySogawaIn a shopping mall "Grand Plaza Toyama(GLAND PLAZA) "on skylight becomes a central free space back、Weekends are crowded with many people!

Shop's counter seats and a terrace in front of the shop and compact size、Distance and the staff is nearby where you can enjoy cooking space!

In front of buns warmed from the beginning、Allow the patties sizzle up、When finally cheddar cheese、Toro-(s) appetite for improving picture power melting cheese、Will be longing for the voila! Φ(*'Д' * )溜marimasenn!

The menu is、"Cheese burger (fries、Drink) ¥ 1200 "based on、Double patties and Bacon with your choice、And plus, egg style、The greedy Tower "topped with whole 2200 Yen" also is available!

Vans is aged in Toyama Prefecture, flour、Aroma and a soft finish soft palate had original bands、Since PuTTY uses the yakiniku-BBQ beef luxury 100% using the、In Jusici and feel the flavor of the meat dish!

Is the recommended way to taste funny, "MAILLE" Dijon mustard to add accent!

Coffee set in the、Guests can enjoy specialty coffee roasting shop coffer (Offe) original、After Ho was lump. fragrant!

As a "Burger you want to eat every day.、Healthy menu including salad sense Burger with no bun, pork burger is also available、Is recommended to women!

In the evening、Enjoy a steak's barbecue restaurants, such as Burger other than、You can use meat Bal sense while enjoying the wine! Meat-eating poets Otaku!

Barcelona swing reunion to commemorate the last time、Hiroki-Kun of the owners and staffOgiya AtsukoMr. together "SHOGUN BURGER (showgenberger)" to pose in shot!

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