Middle East-General Medical Center near the ' AI pharmacies ' OPEN!


New hospital of Kakegawa "Middle East-Medical Center"Down the、New concept pharmacy "" Pharmacy "has been OPEN in 5/1! Each placemark、Is the mark of the witch flying Billboard was based on green concepts。Our pharmacies、Free space is no casual street station served as a。Listen to the classic spacious flowing from automatically playing pianos、Has happend the moment 1。There、Books about drugs or being displayed、You can feel free to drug counseling。Instead of just going to just take the medication、With your friends or meet up、Enjoy reading and slowly、Try to use as a space with a broader community!


The exterior glass surface、Image of the pharmacy express familiarity and ease of use in medicine capsule。


Shop、Has become the space feeling than any pharmacy a spacious and clean、Staff it for many people, is very smooth。


Waiting for each booth、And neighborhood residents community space will be the、Equipped with table and chairs。While waiting for the medicine、Is the drink service.、Spend a relaxing time so there are books that。


The Roland piano with Auto-playing music、Heart chill classic。In space have a clear mind、Refreshing to see it!

Aiueo pharmacy
Kakegawa Mayor Valley 1350-1 TEL:0537-61-0501

Kakegawa Mayor Valley 1350-1

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