Maserati Taipei to visit the Maserati situation in Taiwan charge research!


Songshan districtOfStage 3 Minsheng East RoadLocated along "MASERATI Taipei flagship Exhibition Center"Mr.。Whenever I visit overseas、Of the landMaserati dealersTo come to ask are obligatory。This time the、As it happens "Mandarin Oriental Taipei"Sent from are situated a few minutes walk in place and visited the location.。Place、Hiroshi Yasushi financial TempleThe Office building1 floorFacing.。Here of buildingBasement 1The Taiwan food stores 'Aoba AoBa consumer store"And I also have!


Ghibli Q4


Gran Turismo Sport

Vehicles on display、Ghibli Q4AndGranTurismo sports typeThe only two but slightly austere atmosphere、Probably not helped by the balance between supply and demand。In the showroom of the vehicle no。However,、At the time we visited、Taiwan Maserati owners areNew GhibliIn alongside and in showrooms, was not coming! The Maserati show in Taiwan、This became the only。Selling price in Taiwan is new Ghibli、NT $ 3890000 ~ 5680000 (Japan yen and then around 15200000 ~ 22200000)To become、It can be said to be close to the number times the selling price of Japan!


Business space


Finished the workMorikawa NatsukiHer private timeInterpreterIn the US dating、SalesYang Xian High (Ace Yang:Janan Chan),、TaiwanInMaserati circumstancesCould hear。Status quo、MaseratiThe sales volume300 units per yearIn the more、The overwhelming market share15,000UnitsLevel ofMercedes-Benz & BMWWith that。PorscheThe3,000UnitsAnd the achievement of、Is certainly in the cityCayenne and MakanJust given。MaseratiThe best is still this seems。By the way、In the Chinese language"Maserati"The"Ma Yansha Plast keddy Ting"And writes (lol) well、Next in line、"Mandarin Oriental Taipei' And I is the introduction of area restaurants.

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MASERATI Taipei flagship Exhibition Center
Address:Taipei City Matsuyama, consumer road three-158-1 號 TEL:02-2719-7111

Songshan district, Taipei City section Minsheng East Road

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