' 44 South Village "Taiwan culture in a retro touch, and the ' good,Hill "in shopping


The high-rise towerTaipei 101From the South5 minutes on footAs for retro apartment houses in the distance '44 South Village (susananzn)"。Lived came from mainland China after the war, veterans and their familiesOrdnance village (kennsonn)、It is one of the so called veterans village。Many are destroyed、Some of them are、Ordnance villageThe preserved cultural and historical heritage to future generations in、Has been designated as cultural property。High rise buildingsTaipei 101Aura around the modern city and a retro feel44 villageThe are the most collaborative.


Weapons factory "44 soldier factory"In saving people who worked and、Where was prepared from the Government so his family could live here "44 village"It is。Era、They are now moving to another location along with urban development、In doing so、Ordnance village culture preservation movementGet up 'Historical buildings"For the preservation ofFaith community and Culture ParkUnder the name left was curious。In the premises "Village Museum Museum of ordnance"It is also a special exhibition hall、Has been reproduced can glimpse of life at the time of the exhibition。Free with admission。(* On-site photography is prohibited)


Can you see any House、To meet many young people with camera。44 villageFor while、Tertiary Memorial stamp is eight.、Was there bringing small children and tourists.


Known as a stylish young people crowded city44 village。Vestiges of the old place、To send them there by the hand of the young people、Well taking a modern, renovated with stylish cafes and grocery stores that are offered.


In the triangle of green hills、Sat down teems with young people enjoying a relaxing time。From the streets of the city as a close distance even though、No wonder and feel-good to stop time、It's an environment.


By chance、Came upon the film crew Bridal。Behind this bride and groom、Of course、Taipei 101。I look forward to what picture?!


Simple market flea market

44 villageNow、In square over the weekend flea market "Simple market"Held, crowded with。Rojas on the theme organic cultivation of vegetables and、Fresh fruit、Artists hand-made accessories and bags、Includes many stalls, gadgets。However、44 villageFor travelers taking a historic building itself、Because it is not suitable for street vendors in the crowd this weekend、We recommend you to go on a weekday.


Photos out at all (lol)


See good,Hill (hao_chiu) "


44 villageThe Cafe at the corner & shop 'Like,Hill (good cho's) Hao-Chu"In the name、"a good choice"Has been put to、You've got to、Think only good things were carefully selected to work with how they shop named。While Café and at the restaurant、Tableware、Clothing、Accessories、We sold food, such as。For all products "Made in Taiwan"The concept to introduce high-quality goods for、For tourists、Has become a welcome gift shop featuring Taiwan seems to be a good thing。Many packages are also hip simple and natural things、Just looking excited and enraptured heart! Shop、Utilizing the bare ceiling、Painters hanging rail lighting、Glass floral patterns inlaid on the window sill of the trees filled with nostalgia。If you have shelf using the good old days when computers products and timber、Without breaking the atmosphere of old times never new and better fuse.


In the Café、Rich bagels are popular! And beams.Fruit Kingdom TaiwanIt is also available、Such as mango and pineapple、Highlights of Taiwan ingredients directly into mixing bagel dough.。Experience the atmosphere of the Taiwan culture and fellow village、Would be nice to enjoy the delicious blends modernity and tradition in rest time。Now、Next in line、Return to hotel、Nearby was a miracle、In overseas travel has become a promiseExample dealerTo a and o.

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Like,Hill Good Cho & # 8217s; s Hao-Chu
Address:Taipei City, pine city serve (54) TEL:02-2758-2609
Hours of operation:Tue-Fri 10:00-21:30 、Saturday., 8:00To 18:00 Closed on Mondays;Monday

Taipei City, 54th Pine Street

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