Gil hotels tea language carefully selected tea leaves tea sweets also balanced with good tea


"Mandarin Oriental Taipei' Is it's located around theChangchun Road.Along the 'Gil hotels tea language (zyshandzayu)"Mr.。Carefully selected tea leaves or tea set、Cheese, including a good balance between、Also loved by the local people、It is an elegant teahouse。MRTOfMuzha line, Nanjing East Road Station (formerly named:Nanjing East Road Station)In the down5 minute areaIt is。Carefully selected Nantou tea leaves40TypeIn the more、1Watch careOolong、In additionAlishan Mountain or the Lishan mountain、Dayu RidgeSuch as in the、Various types ofOolong tea、Pu-Erh tea、Flower tea、Gold Hsuan tea、Green tea、Tieguanyin、Blue spiral springSpecializes in。Here is、TaiwanOfLee Teng former PresidentAnd my favorite tea house is famous for that.


Flush insideGreen tea cansIn the landmark、Lady ownerAnd not only、Filled with grace and clean、Well-kept tidy array。In choosing the tea leaves、Free tastingAlso feel free to、No failure or buy souvenirs.


Speaking of cheese in Taiwan、Brown plumGil Hotel tea,Mr.Brown plumThe type is a three、Oolong tea with jasmine aroma fills your mouthFlower jyouji Brown plum、Gold offers a fruity peach flavorGold incense plumThe two are popular。3Species which also taste and easy to like、Samples and placed in front of each product、It is reasonable。Pulp is thick、With a sour fruity sense of everything to eat there!


Shiso ume 300 g NT $ 200 (Yen Japan approximately 780 yen)

For the poor Sweet Plum、The sweet, humbleShiso umeWe have tried。The texture is chewy has、So there are good acidity。Not to accompany the rice as Japan plum、Find out why pleasing cheese!


The cheese shop in、Offer a selection of several, not just Brown plum。Taiwan souvenirs typical of thosePineapple cake and Saint tubo plethora of dry (tomatos)、Dried beef (beef jerky)、Dry mango、Cattle which sugars (Taiwan-style milk negar)、Tea incense melon small (pumpkin seeds)、Plant strawberries dry (dry strawberry)Etc. are。None of the female ownerShen Xiao YukiLet's carefully selected natural flavor is only product brag!


Staff who"Please、Please "Months and let me sample。Dried fruits are familiar in Japan、Maitake mushrooms and eryngiiOfDry mushroomsThat is amazing! Actually,、Click hereDry mushroomsThe、Morikawa NatsukiAnd I also recommend、Then drifed so light and convenient portability、Shelf life is approximately 3 monthsAs a suitable souvenir stuff and told me。I will try both、Good flavor of flaky texture became a prisoner in one biteDry mushroomsWe also have been purchased。ThisDry mushroomsThe、Owner of this restaurant's purchase of high-quality salt sparingly、Shiitake mushroom homePuli, NantouTo the likely taken feet、Not made in ChinaTaiwan produced mushroomsIn that assured it is safe!


VariousCheeseAnd the sample、I want a tea... that is a nice service gave a tea at the perfect time (lol)!


Japan staff, I also so、Is a teashop, enjoy your shopping with confidence。In the Taipei City、So there the teahouse、Would be fun finding a teahouse that suits them。Now、Next in line、Some famous "Ding Tai feng dingtaifung' And I at dinner and let's in the shop run by students who were trained!

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Gil hotels tea language (zyshandzayu)
Address:Taipei Mayor zhongchun road 474 號 TEL:02-2717-0202
Hours of operation:10:00To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:Lunar New year's Eve-by 1/5

Chang Chun Road, Taipei, No. 474

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