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"The Peninsula Bangkok"Is it of take the fatigue in the deluxe room bath、Wake up in the morning was sound asleep and、Always will rise faster than some time ago。Gently in the backgroundChao Phraya RiverThe ship already working can be seen。But I think it was hard to understand in the night、High-rise hotels right on golden dome "lebua lebua"And、On the left hand1876 yearHistorically prestigious hotel "Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok"Of the more than 2 times the height is different。2At the end of the day schedule "lebua lebua"The rooftopBar barIn BangkokNight viewWill enjoy。I look forward to!


1 floor of the peninsula's buffet "River Cafe & terrace"In the、I'll have a breakfast buffet。Here you will、International cuisine is the order、Authentic Thailand dishes started.、Pasta and bread、Equipped with fish dishes and Western-style meat dishes.


The endless summerBangkok, ThailandWill、Picked fresh tropical fruit and Center tables and colorful。Peninsula BangkokMr. so、At many points in the beautifulOrchidSee。No wonder。ExclusiveFloristJust every day800BookSomething freshOrchidChange SER、Is always keeping the beautiful state!


Fresh juice


Cheese, salami and dip




"Mada-n、GAMO-nin. "And staff will talk with a refreshing smile。Here is、In the Western-style booth、Chunks of freshly fried and large meat roast pork in place of your choice amount minutes sliced us、Sauce with honey ginger and sweet & sour sauce。And、Wiener is the number of types、Of course、Is provided in a warm State.


Here is、Thailand food booth。Vegetable fried rice or fried rice、Noodles are hits.


Noodle (Thailand language:บะหมี่)It is saidThailand style soup noodleIt was。The presence of soupNoodle Naam ( soup available )AndNoodle hen (without soup)To be separated。Here is、Choose a favorite fixture plate、Can you cook on the fly。The taste of the soup itself is really plain、In front of meSweet and spicy, acid, and saltOf various seasonings in my Ashy taste is!


Chao Phraya RiverThe elegant morning while watching the morning。Peninsula Bangkok, it's also private shuttle boat and berth this time yet、River flows in the painting.


One plate of the Thailand food booth

Vegetables in tomato sauce、Fried vegetables、Like CHOW Mein or fried rice。And、Fried chips include steamed buns。The meals at the hotel、Is less classy taste spicy and stimulating.


Noodle (Thailand language:บะหมี่)

Minced fish and、Choose a meat dumpling volume with aNoodle (Thailand language:บะหมี่)The、Become a favorite ramen husband。An elegant soup bland.、Can adjust the spiciness of the taste good!


One plate of Western booth

While I picked Thailand dishes a little、But whats the western Maine。Fried in the sausage、And so a juicier roast pork.。The roast pork was、本当にとても美味しく脂身が苦手なわたしでもペロリと食べれてしまいました♪


Bread and salad

朝からフレンチトーストやフルーツを用いたパイなどの甘いパンを食べれる幸福感たるや(笑)日本食を食べたくならないかといえば嘘になりますが、In the morning in the hotel、Is produce a blissful time could eat in a winning combination of delicious bread and coffee.


Tropical fruit

Tropical fruit、Pineapple、Melon、Papaya、Watermelon、Whats up Jack fruit。Of course there was a mango。Tropical Thailand、But weren't we get fruit、11January and FebruaryOf seasonal fruitPomegranateIt's right ♪


Staff were attention、I want to get another Cup of coffee I ~ ♪ and、By the time I、Come whip it「Coffee?"Since you asked、「Coffee,please.Thank you~♪」And、The smiley!


Morning sun swooped in high-rise hotels, started to rise! Is a real luxury!


Sun begins to rise、River increased shine and glitter snow、Celebrates the one day in Bangkok a fresh start!


Day 2 BangkokThe plans are packed and so、Back in the room, would you like to prepare immediately!

The Peninsula Bangkok

The Peninsula Bangkok Khlong Ton Sai-Bangkok Thailand


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