Tour the seafood Union housing KOWA living Center Hamamatsu East store model


Through my home、1One thought that one little happiness to build, they have great happy do not seeTeaching happinessThe theme "、Have been aimed at housing is wrapped in warmth and comfort and kindness. "Seafood: Housing Corporation"Mr.。With this model、We visit the KOWA living Center Hamamatsu East。Here you will、3Offers two different model!


Join other Maserati events yukikazu housing PresidentAsaoka NorihikoAnd I to thank you very much for your remarks。45Fun with Asaoka is energetic throughout the age of conversation、20Could the company have spent long years were years of valuable experience, and get。Asaoka's ex-boss、Married couples we know who is it (laughs) this day、Whats to freely visit the exhibit。Among them、In particular we couple pinned cares、Its playful crammed plenty "Clover SE"I want to introduce you!


Clover SE

A sharp 3-story guides the eye to the vertical line square type。1Built-in garage located next to the door on the floor is designed in the form like the car。SE construction method timber while also comparable to weight steel。From the appearance、By taking the configuration looks deceptively close、While private living spaces、Step inside the House、There is natural light side with an open play playful inner space awaits!


1Floor entrance hall

Deposited in built-in garage car.、Luxury from the frame window in the entrance hall look like a painting。Beautiful form suggests in can still be。Is usually quite helpline of your car look and really really seems to not、Also glimpse a different side、Space while enjoying such a happy moment。


1FL Studio and theater room

20a special soundproof system achieved by 3 cm thick wall structure。Produce sound environmental concert venue level in that they raise the sound absorbing and reflective material。Not to mention the music and movies、Sporting events such as football can be enjoyed freely、You can pursue without disturbing noise to the neighborhood, such as playing musical instruments。Softball dad and、All family members be space that can increase the value each!


2Floor bathroom

2Bedroom becomes a private space on the floor and a bathroom。On the second floor bathroom that tend to be narrow and dark and is concerned by、Ensure the size and brightness。Paste with fresh shades of tiles conceived、Staff also has been。2Because of a private space on the floor、In the elegant bath time pampering without having to worry about looking around for one day。The master bedroom's design focuses on the night's sleep next to line。By deliberately restricting natural light light、Bring a soft light gentle indirect lighting、Leads to a comfortable night's sleep。Is the first step to a good night's sleep is peaceful everyday life.!


3BEDROOM floor 30 album Ultra

3The floor becomes a living space、Conventional wisdom may be difficult。However,、For seismic safety and peace of mind backed by building structures and、Luxury bedroom filled with clear sense and skilled in the use of space-saving design technology that weaves 30 pledge over。The floor of the Alfred、You can do the renovations from time to time by the growth of the family and of the。Sunshine poured from a large window spread wide living up to rip、Keep the ventilation by opening up the summer、You can also get winter warmth from the Sun。3By looking at unique floor、So enjoy living space without having to worry about even through the eyes of a neighboring House.


4Floor roof garden

The roof garden was all top-floor rooftop terrace、Without borders and skies、A luxurious atmosphere to allow integration with nature。Day by day、Give in to quiet time travel be repeated at this location、And many in the energy to charge what you want is。ThisClover SEBut not limited to the series、The House proposed by SATO housing、Is your landlord's personality is expressed most completely free design.、Beautiful house with pleasant new life will grant freely。This destination、50 year、100Can be years long generations lived to succeed、Aiming at home feel and it's property、Today is flexible and versatile design continues to challenge is that it is。Ms. Asaoka、We visited the lovely exhibit、Thanks so much!

Seafood: Housing Corporation

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