Stone cauldron dome "Raku-Raku bakery" course is only one hour in soft bread made!


The other day、Toshiba made the article microwave oven "Stone kiln dome"Use the、Separate food collection comes from "easy bakery" would make! Raku-Raku and bakery、Fermentation and oven baked in the oven and increase the time required to complete the、Within just one hour! And as the name suggests、Easy, and bread made of shorter working hours! Really so quickly that while all of this is so fun! ♪


-Raku's bakery
Materials (bread 8 servings)
Flour (furuu) 160 g、Butter 20 g、Milk 120 g、Instant dry yeast 4 g、Sugar 20 g、Salt 2 g


1. Butter in a heat-resistant container、Put the milk、Range 600-W 30-40 seconds and heating、Melt the butter mix well with a whisk。(At this temperature to 40 ° c)




2. 1To mix well in addition Instant dry yeast、Sugar、Salt、1/2In addition to the amount of flour mix。


3. 2To add the remaining flour to form、Mix well with a rubber spatula until powder。


-Bread making because it has a fixed notion of "whine"、At this time, "it's really this easy, bread? "And in one cup (laughs)


4. 3The break-in while lightly, flat sheet fabric、Blowing fog light, wrap。


5. 4Leave the oven centered, and select Dial menu 21、The fermentation start press start button。(7 minutes primary fermentation)


6. Buzzer notification signal sounds、Take-5 finished dough with floured、And the venting lightly with。(The dough of the primary fermentation is about to swell a little.)。It seems that there is no problem even if it does not swell as big as a normal dough at this point.。-


7. 68 equal pieces (40g per piece) with a scaler or kitchen knife.、Roll the cut into the inside and shape it.。


8. Straddle down, put on a cooking sheet、Over the plastic wrap and let rest about 10 minutes。


9. The back lightly rounded dough put sheets on the inside bottom、Press the Start button and start forming fermentation is intact。(Mold fermentation approx. 6 minutes)
10. Buzzer notification signal sounds、Remove the baking sheet each dough square dish、Square dish sets and lower the Start button press the start up! (Cooked 16 minutes) * hearing notice BUSA results、If the light brown、Even after putting in the oven、Color tints in the heat。At this time、If you burn irregularities, there was、Recommends the place of bread and let go。


Children fabrics、The fermentation time without waiting for a long time、Only really one hour plump bake complete is easily ♪ (terrible)


Be judged severely、Because the surface has a slight burn irregularities、Who cares、Buy wangled on models ER-LD530 and might be better。(Taste no problem。), ER-LD530、Twin motors of the industry's first automatic switching "browned good come phosphorus hot" feature in from the edge of the inside spread hot until the end、Without knowing the burn irregularities to try。The house bought the ER-LD430 in relation to the budget.、If this irregularity degree with no problem。It、Fresh line other bread no longer beam staff is great too! Assistant bakery、Would like to enjoy things because the material to change the arranged version is also available.

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