"I like flesh and bubbles! "Best Christmas dinner 3 spend House de CHAN!


"Beef roast onion and garlic、Celery, red wine sauce.

For my homeChristmas dinnerThe、12-23 (Tue).More ingredients on hand for Christmas started (laughs)、For our customers鴨藤 Nana NakoChan, or delivering a lot of vegetables、And to thank you wedding wedding wedding preparation and or send a nice seafood from Hokkaido、For the fridge nice scream、A sumptuous dinner is tri-Chan will be! The first day of Maine"Beef roast onion and garlic、Celery, red wine sauce.It is。Regular roast beef、While researching which cooking method is most delicious?、Made by various recipes。This time the、From a soak in a salt & pepper rosemary oil in a frying pan surface sauteed with garlic and、The challenge in how to boil water in a saucepan and steam 5 minutes only! And、Put aluminum foil, seal and、Often take the leaving time。When、You are very beautiful in the finish、Had a good blow。The source is、Is based on vegetables, red wine sauce、It is delicious simply sliced raw fish in salt。The side dish is、Piccolo onions also purple broccoli and other vegetables along with 蒸ser will be shorter working hours cooking。Red-core radish thinly circle slice white wine vinegar、Salt、Pepper、Honey、Pickle was in Tangerine。This is a beautiful bright red and waiving the white radish。Wagyu beef is Maine's first day。Alright、2First day、3I look forward to the meat dish of the day!


See white onions、Onion、Turnip、With sauteed scallops with celery soup Hokkaido from "

On the cold table、Vegetable soup is a must。Love Minestrone Soup、This time the、Carefully strainSee white onions、Onion、Turnip、With sauteed scallops with celery soup Hokkaido from "That has been。FRY in butter and onions、Until then be caramelized、Bring out the sweetness。Leek and celery Shin and burning and、Slow cooked vegetable bouillon and bay leaf from、The filter will。After you adjust the flavor with salt and pepper in the soup、The beforehand had been sent from Hokkaido scallops、Sauteed with garlic and、散raseba parsley, the flambé with white wine, served with Center is completed.。Stand out accent of sweetened whipped cream and two types of onions and celery soup。In the scallop became a luxurious soup was rare, where you can enjoy the texture of preppy.


"Genre Ibarra run Clement de Bordeaux Brut" 2,890 yen (wine boutique pannier)

All over France、About 500 stocks Clément (built by the champagne method sparkling wines) will be exhibited in competition"Nacional de Clement"In the award-winning、"WINE BOUTIQUE PANIERIn "'s Hamakita shop2014The annual bai No.1The winning sparkling wine is! In Green apples makes you feel fresh and dry、Soft sense of taste。As well as champagne、By secondary fermentation in the bottle、Such as champagne and fine bubbles and crisp acidity、Is this price range can be achieved cost-effectively.


"I served with domestic roast chicken various mushrooms and seasonal vegetables"

2The main dinner of the day、"I served with domestic roast chicken various mushrooms and seasonal vegetables"。Still speaking of Christmas、First off the chicken。However,、Go to the translation of the circle by a couple、Purchase of domestic chicken。To soak the Rosemary oil and season with salt and pepper and roast beef with、Garlic oil in a frying pan、And baked from the skin side up、And on the back、After burning、Introducing drinking sparkling wine、Cover and Cook。Then very surprised to finish and moist。Garnish with vegetables (potatoes、Carrot、Sugar pod) also has steamed from sautéing only on the surface so that、In doing so by simmering sweetened during the、Outside finish feels good with Brown。Many mushroom sauté、Shimeji and maitake mushrooms、White or brown Mushrooms sauteed in butter and Bacon puts down。Possible roles home because my favorite is chicken、They were better on the table、Even to this day was moist and delicious!


"Islands of shrimp and avocado tomato sauce gnocchi"

2Pasta of the day、"Hokkaido Shima of shrimp and avocado tomato sauce gnocchi"。Prawn is a gift from the Earth in the North、Small because it is full of flavor while the EBI-CHAN、Remove the first soup in the heads and shells、Make a soup base。there、Keep in the freezerBasic tomato sauceUsed、Combine the soup-based and、Make a delicious pasta sauce (spiciness and flavor are、By ingredients at that time)。This time、Vegetables on prawn butter avocado in the forest.。Chop into small pieces, and put into special spaghetti sauce、We will continue it as it becomes with a spatula mash while。Because the gnocchi pasta boiled up in 2 minutes、Ideal for shorter working hours cooking。Potato gnocchi texture、Now with Penne in tomato sauce 染mi渡tta shrimp soup delicious!


"Lotus root chips of salad"

He eat vegetables! When you said that、"Lotus root chips of salad"Of so、The greater the appetite with that crunchy texture。Regardless of Lotus root、Now delicious potato chips and burdock root chips。Dressing、White wine vinegar to the extra olive oil、Salt & pepper、Sugar、Lemon is an impromptu。Advance、Keep Pickle is also now taking vegetables delicious!


"Lou Dumont Clement de Bourgogne Brut" 2,990 yen (Wye boutique pannier)


"The scallops, celery and bell pepper dill marine.、"Horse sashimi tataki"、"Green salad"

3First day、The Christmas production、Starting from assorted appetizers、"The scallops, celery and bell pepper dill marine.、"Horse sashimi tataki"、"Green salad"。Marinade、Celery and bell pepper to the oblique cutting salt and massaged.、After leaving for a while、Squeeze dry and set aside。Shaking the salt with boiled scallops、Red wine vinegar and white wine it to vinegar extra virgin olive oil、In addition mix the lemon slice small cuts、And adjust the flavor with salt and pepper、Mix the dill、Add some color is completed.。The horse sashimi tataki、Horse originally eaten sashimi so、Just a burning light if it has the ingredients:、Will be in charcoal salt, garlic and sesame oil。The oddities, such as horse meat、In my neighborhood "Watanabe butcher shop"It is recommended that it is possible to buy in san ♪


"Cauliflower soup"

In addition the warm vegetable soup on the table"Cauliflower soup"That has been。FRY in butter and onions、Until then be caramelized、To complement the sweetness、From the cauliflower into the cooked slow with vegetable broth and bay leaf、Mix。So do not need this soup Leach、The stretch until your desired consistency in milk、And adjust the flavor with salt and pepper、After them all the chopped parsley is completed.。That opens up the gentle sweetness of cauliflower soup.


"Arianiko del Vuruto~ure Piano del Cerro 2008 Vu~inieti del Vuruto~ure "3,490 yen (wine boutique pannier)

At grapes in vineyards near volcanic vents in the village of Acerenza, Basilicata Italy、Grapes were selected by the grain and aged 24 months Barrick、Deep red with a profound sense of popular Aglianico with outstanding cost performance"Pipori"The red wine and。 "Vu~inieti del Vuruto~ure"The、Winery Farnese with Basilicata。In dark red、There with the scent of Balsam and Spice scent of the fruit of the mulberry and Blackcurrant Jam。Great framework、Characterize this wine of Balsam。With a feeling of fresh, high-quality alcohol、Mellow, rich tannins。2008 yearThe"Rukamaroni 2013" in94PointTo、"Vu~eronerri 2014"Now93PointHas won。Maine Christmas final dinner according to this delicious wine、"Watanabe butcher shop"France duck meatIs!


"Roasted red wine and sweet potato source of French duck meat"

Maine's last Christmas dinner、And then select the favorite duck、"Roasted red wine and sweet potato source of French duck meat"。From the night before、Herb oil you remove, fishy smell、Roast and Peel in terms、After the Braising、We plant and in stone ware roaster。However,、This duck is like meat suitable for ham、And moist texture and a far cry from the shame。To say the duck and indescribable in a nutshell、There's various regions and sites、I don't change the recipe over and。Many nights I more want to learn cooking。But、3Days、No difference in time spent a couple。Thanks to such a peaceful time、I want to see sweet dreams sleep!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year☆彡

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