Seasonal stuff! Fresh! How to boil fresh bamboo shoots and bamboo shoots horsetail table recipes


In season now! Speaking of AprilSpringThe also the epitome of tasteBamboo shoots。Takecammuri writing and the Bank of Japan "筍(takenoko)"。It is one of the truly enjoy seasonal ingredients。However,Bamboo shootsSpeaking of、Delicious boiled or even food before 灰汁抜ki down a bit cumbersome approach between。This time the、Introduction to the 灰汁抜ki under the boiled way and under the boiling and afterBamboo shootsRebtel introduces the recipes。Bamboo shootsThe、Is irregular in size、Something big is one of about 20 cm、Small is one of about 10 cm、The middle one is two.、Will be four meters.


Bamboo shoots are、Not stained with mud、Intact heads from 3 cm cut off at an angle、Skin into the notches (to be easy to peel)。The skin is、At this time I didn't put。


Rice bran, 200 g (1 to 50 g or so) provides。In the recent、Many come to buy the bamboo shoot was the bran and、If no substitute、Wash rice soup is available。


In the pressure cookerBamboo shootsPut、Bamboo shootsTo hide on the water。That put the amount prepared in rice bran、Close the lid of the pressure cooker, mix a little。Bamboo shootsOf depending on size、This time the、→ low pressure 15 minutes one night standIt is。


The next morning、The bamboo shoots under the cold、Skewers, I and about to pass and soft、Is made between cool and 灰汁抜ki。Is as easy as to leave。If you don't have a pressure cooker、Should simmer in a large saucepan low hour。And beams.、Pressure cooker is the strongest!


The boiled soft kaku下Bamboo shootsThe、Veneer cut from、Cut in half、Exposed to running water, rinse clean rice bran。


"Tosa bamboo shoots stewed '

Materials:Use the medium bamboo shoots 1 minute、Snow peas (for garnish for other green ones can be substituted)、Liquor2 tbsp、1 tablespoon Mirin、3 tsp sugar 1、1 tbsp soy sauce、Japanese-style broth (amount of soaked bamboo) 花鰹 1 picked

1.Bamboo shoots are、Slice vertically to the size of your choice。
2.Wine in a small saucepan、Mirin、Put the sugar, skipped the alcohol and add one。
3.Bamboo shootsPut in pot、In addition almost Japanese-style broth bamboo shoots hidden cover、From low heat simmer for about 5 minutes over medium heat。
4.After 5 minutes、Add snow peas and soy sauce、Simmer on low heat a little。
5.Fire stop、花鰹 take 1 picked top swinging、Shin is finished and toast。
(During the presentation *、Enjoy the scents and put a 花鰹 from the top)

Tosa Japanese-style broth was light-based sauce is、Enjoy the texture and flavor of bamboo shoots with plenty of broth.


"Pickled bamboo shoots

Materials:Use the little bamboo ear 1 minutes、Simple vinegar (powdered)、Pepper (of your choice)。

1.So soft and a little bamboo ear、Cut into thin lengthwise。
2.Ziploc into the bamboo shoots、About lapping suffer Quentin mizkan vinegar put、Chilli if you like, turn on the。
3.Easy pickled vegetables only a few hours (choice of staff so far) put it in the refrigerator.。

Quentin mizkan vinegar is vinegar is not strong for、From me eating her husband like vinegar、Can I use this a lot.。With sweet and sour sauce, vinegar、Sushi、Pickles、Marinated、Sugar is a lot vinegar menu including meat、Easy to make without salt, adjust it.


"Rice chicken with bamboo shoots

Materials:Using a large bamboo shoots 1 minute (vertical slices the size of your choice)、Bite-sized chicken three slices (cut to small and、Another amount of soy sauce's ingredients:、Soak in cooking wine)、Carrot 1 book (shredded)、Shimeji 50 g、Enoki mushrooms (cut into 5 equal parts as) 50 g、Green peas (for garnish for other green ones can be substituted)、US 3 if (sharpening, soak in water)、Japanese-style broth (less than the moisture content of 3 Cook on) soy sauce 80 cc、Mirin 80 cc、Cooking wine 50 cc、1 picking salt。
* Ingredients to your liking and changing views。

1.Sharpening, previously soaked in water and rice into the rice cooker、Turn on Fuji 2.5 per of less than the amount of water for 3 minutes until the Japanese-style broth instead of water。
2.Soy sauce、Mirin、Cooking sake、Stir into the salt。3Cups water content slightly higher。(The seasoning、If you like, change the quantity)
3.Cut the bamboo shoots、Carrot、Shimeji mushrooms、Mix it with enoki mushrooms、The above named ingredients: chicken and green peas, cooked rice cooker including course switches ON!
4.Rice's announcement buzzer sounds、10Murashi minutes、Stir。
5.The good colorful rice bowl、If 振ri掛kereba white sesame seeds is completed.。

I can't believe my greasy chicken on bamboo shoots good flavor and rich and、Enjoy the flavor and texture of bamboo shoots with shakishaki rice is ♪ (if you want such as onigiri、Bamboo shoots are cut smaller!), extra bamboo shoots、If you max out your、(Change to water every day) is kept refrigerated, soaked in water。If you do not have some、To put a small amount of vinegar into the water and some have better is。Too is much too、Ziploc bags, securely sealed and frozen is recommended。But、In the delicious food I eat now be happy (laughs)

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