Enjoy the Palace stand cabling become a fantastic central Hamamatsu Festival @ tamachi Salon


Hamamatsu FestivalThe、Every year in the city of Hamamatsu during the golden week holiday period53-5 daysThrough annual events will be held。Commonly known as Kite Festival (Kite Festival) at least is known。Hamamatsu is the beginning of the Festival、As a record sure doesn't seem、According to one theory、From now on about 450 years agoEiroku period (1558-1569 year)To、Ruled at HamamatsuHikima CastleOfHis eldest son birthCelebrating the high CastleKiteFried、Is considered as the origin of the kite、Hamamatsu is said to be established during the Edo period the Festival、Said further tasked with vibrant, established during the Edo period in the Meiji era Hamamatsu Festival、In the Meiji era, tasked with more vibrant、It later、Now it Hamamatsu Festival indispensableFirst kites & Kite FestivalIn 0/1887 began in earnest in、The first kites fly kites, hope the child's growth when your son is born custom、Enshū-regional spread、Long history the participatory city and Festival。


Fantastic colorful Hamamatsu CityPalace Street cablingParade and people。3 days 3 nights.、Their passion is put、Sounds of the shamisen、Whistle of the summons but the children、With the musical accompaniment of a drum signal around and go殿 stalls、The bustling scene of dazzling placed。


During such、Every yearRound eight real estateNow、Hamamatsu during the Festival opening and art Forum, Salon、Owner as exciting as a place to pick up Center。


3Than a monthFMHaro!Of the PresidentSuzuki Kiyoshi (suzukikiyoshi)We who have gathered here, led by Mr。From the salon,、Possible joint March and the Palace stand cabling enjoying views through the glass。


Boat Brigade Director Takahashi and Angela。I have parent and child together called law happi.





Plain Chairman himselfHe pairsThe dressed in costumes、Really enjoyed interacting with the many guests for three days 3 night visitors。Wish for prosperityHe pairsThe intense mixing and gorgeous a Palace stand close、You could safely finish again this year! (Thank you) has to look forward to meet you again next year!

Round eight real estate
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 326-28 TEL:053-455-0808

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