Every year annual 'Kizu Fumiya calendar exhibition in tamachi salon was a great success!





























Kizu Fumiya

1958 born, Shizuoka, Hamamatsu City
1981 Hungary、Austria、To Greece
1982 Hungary、To France
1983 Tokyo Art University Art Department of oil painting graduated from painting
1984 52 independent exhibition Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum after the other exhibited every year
1985 Tokyo Art University art graduate school (Taguchi Yasuo classroom) master's degree
Exhibition Gallery Ginza surugadai, Tokyo (' 87、' 88、' 89、' 91、' 93、' 95)
1986 University Assistant Professor、' 90 instructors、' 93, Associate Professor
1987 solo exhibition at tamaya Gallery (Tokyo, Japan) (' 88、' 91、' 93)
1996 Shibuya Tokyu department store (Tokyo) ( & # 8217s; 98 )
31 of the Showa era exhibition Excellence Award
1997 exhibition of Kizu Fumiya Foundation Plains Museum (Hamamatsu City)
1998 exhibition, Galerie Nichido (Tokyo).
1999 Tokyo Art University Art Faculty of arts education research associate professor
Hamamatsu with artists awarded commemorative Kizu Fumiya exhibition, Hamamatsu City Museum of art
2001-exhibition at Shinsaibashi Daimaru Department Store (Osaka)
2009 solo exhibition, Galerie Nichido (Tokyo、Nagoya)
2012 6 annual summer exhibition ( Nichido Gallery / Tokyo, Japan )
2013 world exhibition of graphic ( Nichido Gallery / Fukuoka )
Artist Today 2013 ( Nichido Gallery / Tokyo, Japan )
Now independent Art Association、Japan artists Association members

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