In Western cuisine comptoir Hamamatsu bustle of and 20-year-old wine dinner


-Iron train、Electric red known as 1st Avenue down to the station, located to the right toward the main street, small little bistro "Le Comptoir Western cuisine comptoir"Mr.。"Comptoir" refers "counter" in France.、Just as the name suggests、The distance of the counter seats, table seats、While feeling the warm people and cuisine while in a small space、As a shop where you can enjoy wine and food、Shop popular regardless of weekday weekend。Our chef Mr. Onishi、Originally "Berkeley"And I'm in registered apprenticeship。Shop、While the soft lamp lighting、Sequence is a rustic wooden table and chairs、Is reserved for counter 4 seats and table 14 seats are small and more reliable!


This day's is that GW during holidays、That made it seem like non-enter shop、Was able to bother to counter good luck。StorefrontHamamatsu FestivalFor watching the passing happi people gather、Will attempts to satisfy hungry to eat lightly.


"Trois-Chateau Moulin 1994" France Red

Bordeaux、Hottest Haut MEDOC producing full-bodied red wine lovers! -2nd in the popular Chateau giscours and cantemerle MEDOC ratings between Cru Bourgeois.。The grape varieties、50% Merlot,Cabernet Sauvignon 30%,With a staff of Chateau Cambon la prouse and exactly the same cultivation and brewing has built in 20% Cabernet franc。Aromas of black cherry and plum nuances of tobacco and cocoa dry red wine.


"Gruhn salads (many organic)" 1050 yen

Sciackishaki feeling in vivid color and texture than flavor and freshness of the vegetables that can enjoy root vegetables are large green salad。Homemade dressing as the favorite salad of oil of a degree with good acidity and sweet salty complement to the taste of the vegetables.


Puff pastry grilled Scallops with 1260 Yen

And a crispy pie and baked in the oven、Among the large scallops one entire appeared moist soft finished。Is also very compatible and source was laid down.


"Neapolitan" * back menu

Not only in the menu、It is an elegant special Neapolitan Onishi chef told us, to make them tender and flavorful。Appetizer.、Small dish、More pasta, main location、At a reasonable price like a combination。Is is possible to book on the course, not à la carte、Cuisine of Onishi chef with this easy and steady, Fadeless say reasons for popularity。Hamamatsu Festival mixing also greeted the end、Go home turn light left the aftertaste of the Festival in the city。Has been useful as a casual restaurant.

Le Comptoir Western cuisine comptoir
Address:Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-Cho 329-8 TEL:053-456-7120
Hours of operation:18:00-24:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 329-8

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