Media Summit was held in the prefecture's largest nightclub "portetheater".


As a professional live theater to imagine CottonClub, Blue Note、Of the prefecture's first largest was born in Hamamatsu Viola, 1st floor club venue "Porte Theater portetheater"In the、Each media professionals, 70 so we invite、As a portebonur and portetheater ConferenceMedia SummitWas held!


Appeared in front of the people who have gathered here and at portetheater that can accommodate 130 people seated、Center stage with large screens。On the screenRound eight real estate groupPlay promotional video art Forum series is a guide to luxury condominiums。


You guys have been worked out、And broadcast the Act of bliss holding hands sweat in the giant-screen movie action scenes、Then from the back stage、Association President in portetheater, DirectorHirano Osamu (hiranoosamu)In Mr. majestic's appearance! Together resonates round of applause from the venue。Lighting in the theater looms、Spotlight、Chairman of the Plains seem to emerge in the smoke。Further high onstage from the audience taste the elation and good sense of tension is the best!


Along with the presentation sheet was projected on the screen、From the Chairman of the PlainsCity regeneration project, Viola, future directionsAbout the blessedness。3Viola has acquired two years ago,。The Viola on the skeleton,、1Floor450basisAlso and、At that time was a large tenant (supermarkets and drug stores、Large chain stores, etc.) in attempts to attract many times、All over will fail。And he's、Standing all day along the street of Yuri、Watching the street, the pedestrian survey、In the time of 6 hours on SaturdayOnly22PeopleBut is appalled by the fact did not walk。So is the Chairman of the Plains、Headquarters, was relocated to the Viola, 2nd floor、Building values and values of the town area will change their determination hardened、To turn it on。


Currently on the Viola, in、Are born of more than 250 people, including employees。Chairman of the plain over 3 years、Beginning from the acquisition of land.、Parking lot maintenance、Disaster prevention measures、This project investment amount stated15Hundred million yenSo we have invested。Otherwise the town station area、It cannot be seen as investment。The first project、Composite Cafe in the basement "Aprecio"The company management。Here is、Far beyond the imaginationNumber of 200000 per yearAnd beating the sales、Beautifully made the flow of people in the town、Hold the key to success is。And、1To the first floorWedding style gamesAndLive theaterTo play with、Art Center "Food, seeing and hearing.Of the concept, and、There always "«"And mind are planning various events。Further in the future、The original Castle luxury condominium apartment seriesArt form the original Castle、As well as in Yamanote hotelArtforum Yamanote ViewThe construction is scheduled。Future、To revive the town、Has this Committee thought this and appreciate your cooperation to those involved in media。


After demonstration of the Chairman of the Plains、Current President ofKeisuke Hirano (hiranokeisuke)Greetings from Mr. toast is.、It is a Media Summit concert!


Portebonur in the kitchen、Head ChefSasakiKiichiWe will enjoy a buffet of colorful extruded by the hands of Mr.。



The highlight of the buffet of the day、Diameter70cmSo also aHuge burgers!Is on the sous chefMarch flowerThat was cutting into the size-Kun by easy-to-eat、But one by one very large、It was funny in the thickness volutmiy a burger production (laughs)



While enjoying food and drinks、On the stage、Who previously produced the art Forum seriesKen-Ichiro SuzukiInvite Mr、This year2014 yearHamamatsu City for the upcoming musical film "Hello there"About the announcement made。The film musical film of Hamamatsu published in 2012 "Players!"The spinoff、The theme is "means to musical activities in local cities.。Directed by Suzuki in Hamamatsu City from ' resignation and the difficulty of dreaming、I want to hope that the draw "and is designed for。


Film castCan I goSwallow itOkuyama, YoshihiroMr、Spoon vocal MegumiSan、Singer/songwriterVineyard Nakama beautyMr. referral。These three musicians started.、Featuring many performers who worked in HamamatsuHello there、Looking forward to the release!



This time、The architects were engaged in design of the Viola,Makoto NozawaMr. (Center of the photo)、Quest musicOfRepresentative DirectorSuzuki Shin-IchiroMr. (pictured right)、Zen co., Ltd.The Director,Y. Yoshiharu(Photo left)。


At the invitation from the Chairman of the Plains、HereCan I go-Kun will showcase the fingerpicking skills suddenly!Finger picking (Finger Picking)And the、Stringed instruments such as guitar,、Without using the pick、Playing with nails and fingertips、Guitar playing。He、Put a second consecutive award at fingerpicking day East Japan qualifying、Further retains the third-largest contribution at National Convention。According to the party and searched for lively song、Favorite AKB48's Oshima Yuko-chanCan I goChose the song "Hidden categories:」! His guitar skills、I was drawn in a moment! That AKB48 are comfortable listening to music there will be、Arranged by power is great! And it sounds good acoustic Theatre! Sound is the best!


Welcome to Encore、2Off the tracksCan I goMr。RecentFingerpicking day 2014 ConferenceAt、Although regrettably missed the win、Will be awarded to new wonderful song powerMusic AwardsAnd3PlaceHas been awarded the。The award-winning song"K with Phil Specter PIs.It is said、Cute title quirky original songs。The reason the song was born、Can I goMy grandfather lives Mr. Sakuma's grandfather's House、Over 100 years oldThe leaning isMinkaSo there is、Can I goI put cum、The House was used as a catchall、I'm not in the haunted? I think that it had。To know that such a House be torn down this year、Can I goCum、And worry about a haunted place、Song its not going to commit"K with Phil Specter PIs.It is produced! TheCan I goFriendly feelings of want during a song filled with、Playful ghost appeared in the light! Feel the nostalgic phrase there、Feel the warmth and sadness of my childhood memories are filled with what songs。So not so crowned from the guitar sound brought forth! Oh、Can I goI turned on the fan's! (Lol)



And、In Hamamatsu active singer-songwriter field Nakama-CHAN, who also will showcase the singing. Mami-CHAN、Many opportunities brought along by parents from childhood, going to Plains Art Museum、I just love the picture's。She produced songs "Painting"Showing off! She'll sing quietly to talk song、染mi渡rimasu very nice。Encore was put here in person for President in plain、2Tracklist、She likesChage & AskaThe "LOVE SONG"Wedding。Chage & Asuka original is also different、Feminine taste of dancing to singing with me!Pictures and illustrations, good she is、3The first mini albumPicture-book CDBased on the concept、Songwriting、Played、Recording、Illustration design, almost all were engaged in "Ma minus"Now on sale! AndK-MIXNow、From the Sunday Sunday 10:00 30 pmVineyard Nakama beauty Mami's "."This is the acclaimed TV!


Audience、Acoustical splendor came in to listen.。Is this portetheater、By building the case further in the box、Ceiling、Wall、All floors has become double、Designed for vibration is hard to convey on the outside。As a result、Not to worry the sound leakage I、It is designed to immerse themselves in the world of sounds that can be! To play this is the reason that not on the stage.


3Than a monthFMHaro!Of the PresidentSuzuki Kiyoshi (suzukikiyoshi)Mr.。



FMHaro!Wednesday's personalityAkahori EmikoSan。




SexyShizuoka group leaderITOCHU 1Mr.。


Co., Ltd. embossed ENNBOSSIn the founder's daughterKoyamaSan。Overnight in the ornate portetheater and many of those involved in media spend。We are portetheater、Is widely used as a multi-purpose party of the name of the theater、Not to mention the friends of Hamamatsu、Including those from the outside、By people who love music, authentic live music and dancing、We aim to enjoy nights of Hamamatsu gathering place.


By portetheater、As early as this month.4/24(Thursday)The flutistWatase, HidehikoAnd MrPipe music ensemble sound CLASSICS NIGHTHeld、6 /16(Mon.)The、Japan's leading world-wideAnd the jazz trumpet playerTerumasa HinoMr.The quintet led by Hamamatsu reappearance of long-awaited and the event is packed! Portetheater recruits members。Current、Opening campaign in the first year annual fee!!FreeIn the you can! And when you join、Enjoy live at rates substantially discounted member prices。BlueHost、URL below. things can join。Welcomes your submissions。

Porte Theater portetheater
430-0944, Japan, Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 223 -21 Viola, 1F
TEL:053-413-3908Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday us time.:9:00-17:00

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