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1976-annual parties at 'PARK/ING parking"with a concept of Park Cafe



Built 50 Wood Street, Yuri's creative spots over the years "KAGIYA building"The 3F casual bar 'bar 23"The ownerFutahashi Takatoshi ( is that Kahi.--Kun as the first two stores opened、Lily Street along the Viola, beforePark CaféThe concept with the courtyard of the urban park "PARK/ING PUBLIC CAFE BAR perkingpubliccafeber"2014April 14th (Mon)ToGrand opening! Also recently introduced in pre-open、Our planning & concept、Outside Interior Interior、Furniture、Is the total design graphics tools、Previously introduced on ladeDesignerdEL sp design Kawai, Norihiro (kawaisadafumi)-Kun! Now、Although the stomach is filled with delicious cuisine at the cachette's restaurant wine、And let's hook another Cup! And the parking was opened it to!


Park CaféThe concept, based on"From the busy everyday life、The little parking, can afford to give to the heart、Want to be a place of rest! 」The Interior is designed in the theme、Is a liberating image of the Park.、Sensations and enjoy food and drink or coffee while indoors and outdoors and fun for putting asphalt on line store、Feet into the grass and mitari play playful restaurant。In the evening on weekdays24oclockUntil the、Weekend evenings27oclockUp of sales and will put up late!


The selling of this shopThe open-air courtyard。In the courtyard、Spring and summerAutumn-winterFeel like、And decorated with many flowers and trees、Is a space where you can enjoy Japan's four seasons。In the evening、In a beautifully illuminated、For light walls and trees Ivy、Yet in an open space, such as an outdoor、Moody atmosphere。At night a bit more warm come、That feels good! The stage was set up at the back、I look forward to because it is the one planning events such as live!


With comfortable sofa seats on。To see the drink menu、Cocktails and has a rich assortment and、Wine and distilled alcoholic beverages will be less casual bar。


"Gin lime"

Gin lime is the husband and。So I end up sick cocktail of nature、Whats the tequila (lol)


The "appetizer" seafood seaweed salad


"Mixed nuts"


Me off owner futahashi cum face。Then exactly、Plain-Kun's friendsGō ayano、Yusuke iseya、Yamada Takayuki、Erika sawajiriFrom next spring to star in public appointments"Shinjuku Swan (Director:Sono Sion"The extra staff that had been encountered! This time、HamamatsuAerobic Music CityToShinjuku Kabuki-ChoTo pretend14Day ~ 17Of4DaysWhat was planned the shooting、15Day、Also stop taking damage, such as were under the influence of the onlookers who rushed into having fun city (breach of manners on tour)。Public places、But I think also the city that we have to consider taking the necessary、Still here、To make known to everyone in Japan Japan Hamamatsu City、In sensible heat only not in the way tour、Will tighten in the direction everyone is happy to be nice!

PARK/ING PUBLIC CAFE BAR perkingpubliccafeber
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 315-24 1F TEL:053-451-0533 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday
Hours of operation:weekdays cafe 10:30~ 18:00 bar 18:00~ 24:00/weekend cafe 10:30~ 18:00 bar 18:00~ 27:00

315 -24 tamachi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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Wine dining hideaway "La cachette ' in second round 2-51 years of Media Summit was held in the prefecture's largest nightclub "portetheater".
Wine dining hideaway "La cachette ' in second round 2-51 years of
Media Summit was held in the prefecture's largest nightclub "portetheater".


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