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Good balance of pattern guesthouse "pension assert" breakfast


Early morning in Patan, Nepal、Wake up ago Sunrise with a chorus of stray dogs、"Pension assert (Pension Suzt)"The celebrate the morning while admiring the view from the room on the top floor the morning sun rises!

The courtyard of the suspension、Lush lawn、Surrounded by trees、And a lush garden planted flowers and herbs、Became a place of rest of the healing of the tour members.

Breakfast room on the first floor in the dining、Morning from 7 am done ready for breakfast。From one step ahead to the table。Week weather forecast、The tour was much more rain forecast、We've had like sunshine、Sunny girl power no regret!

For my wifeMotives choli Shaka (Chhori Sanu Shakya) Just us making Nepal coffee! We、The coffee will be straight in、He served too warm buffalo milk。Buffalo milk、In the taste、And has more than milk。With breakfast、So will respond to requests such as frost hit India and Nepal tea Chai、Please try!

Overlooking a lush courtyard dining、Guests can enjoy a balanced breakfast with the passage of time.

Breakfast became subject to additional fees and expenses、1Foods $6.5(Japan yen approximately 728 yen) becomes increasingly! Good colors、Nice fresh of green salad、Herbs grown in the garden plenty! The fried egg、And served with grated daikon radish、Wanted to do the Japanese come and、Accents in the coriander and、The nutty flavor of Asian whets the appetite! The bread was toasted and browned、If you like jams and butter, served with。Warm mushroom soup gently into the stomach seeps fine! For the fruit mango sauce dessert、From the morning excellent breakfast!

On the trip、Is good buffet-style breakfast in the hotel、Because it did not expect to receive such pension this delicious breakfast、I was really surprised! Breakfast is a source of power for one day。Well, we have to enjoy the delicious!

Time for the next morning after the first day of Nepal、Morning at 9 and will。But even healthy people were drinking until late、Your so fine! On this day "Patan City Hall"The scheduled to pay a courtesy call to the Mayor for、Everyone is wearing a jacket!

Just、Pension long-term JapaneseTakeda, ChiakiAnd I, were able to meet! In fact this is、"JFA Japan Football Association"The is a Member、As the technical Chairman of the Nepal Football Association、In Nepal is being taught to play soccer! JFA contribution business in AsiaAs a part、"Given our children a brighter future through football、AsiaContribute to the development and popularization of football "and thought not raised、Support activities so that cheer!

"Shimizu Lions Club"And on behalf、Tour leaderASAI MasanoriMr. more、Is scheduled to proceed smoothly、Contains the description of the notes, etc.。Mr. ASAI is the hobby of trekking、Experience climbing in the Himalayas, Nepal travel are。Former police chief to say there、It is a very reliable presence!

Nepal Association of Shizuoka Prefecture YAIZU city "Namaste Nepal appealed"Chairman、"Fuji country Ambassador"ofMaharjan Niles (Maharjan Naresh)Mr. a、From the street pattern.、Long live Japan、Even to this day all Japanese customs on the Board with (lol)、In order to promote the city you're currently、"YAIZU fish honpo" Of "Fish t-shirt"Are dressed! Became a bridge between Nepal and Japan、Actively involved in! Now、The Liceu、Let's start!

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Welcome Party at your home theres maharjan's patterns Courtesy call on the Mayor of Patan was born 20 years ago in "Patan city"!
Welcome Party at your home theres maharjan's patterns
Courtesy call on the Mayor of Patan was born 20 years ago in "Patan city"!



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