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Pattern guesthouse "pension assert" the 6th day breakfast


Return to Patan, Nepal、"Pension assert (Pension Suzt)"The morning of day 6 from the room on the top floor!

In the courtyard of the suspension、Two erhu playerYumiko NaitoFrom early in the morning and performance practice teacher、Mind could spend time surrounded by soothing sounds!

Breakfast room on the first floor in the dining、Morning from 7 am done ready for breakfast。Breakfast became subject to additional fees and expenses、1Foods $6.5(Japan yen approximately 728 yen) becomes increasingly! Of good fresh of green salad、With plenty of herbs grown in the garden、This day was accompanied by tuna! Sausage sauteed with Brown.、Eggs baked with coriander, intriguing appetite in Asian、Every morning enjoy doing it! Omelet of the day are also ginger accent!

And also stay up wrapping、Tired stomach even if he guessed the feeling that you are doing me、The staple vegetables with rice! Stomach-friendly taste taste is!

Two erhu playerYumiko NaitoThe teacher's traditional musical instruments of NepalSarangi (Sārkengī)For the purchase、We have introduced it a bit!YumikoTeachers learn is approximately 10 years。Is a far cry from the gentle sound of sarangi、Out of scale in sight, I was happy!

Even to this day very hard and will schedule、Meeting time is 9:00 morning!

The Liceu、GuideNareshWith one of the delegation、Kirihara etsuo (Etsuo Kirihara)Who has been a visiting professor atBhaktapur (Bhkektkepur)The "University of Nepal (Nepal Engineering College)"To!

Shizuoka Prefecture West Center packed with information on gourmet restaurants in Tokyo, Nagoya and overseas!
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India restaurant "Tasneem's Kings Kitchen" at the dinner in pattern! Exchanges with students at the "University of Nepal" Nepal's future
India restaurant "Tasneem's Kings Kitchen" at the dinner in pattern!
Exchanges with students at the "University of Nepal" Nepal's future


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