Breakfast at Patan guesthouse "pension assert" 7 days

The NepalPatanOfPLE chowk (Pulchock)Located in the district "Pension assert (Pension Suzt)"The morning of the seventh day marks from a room on the top floor!Lumbini (Lumbini)From the back、In round 1, after the first "Misono"By including swollen ankles was bitten by a"chakravartin"、Now as to impair walking。Us worried about our tour members、Had always been "battling" and "tokuhon"、The best inquiry, "tiger balm"、Taking painkillers was also、No effect of first-aid treatment is to、Raise your legs at night and try to sleep、Not in too much pain to sleep state。"Better be afflicted with bad bacteria or something but I believe by traveling abroad for the first time、Uneasily due to illness may be strange feeling not experienced。

Is so upset and fears remain、Tour 7 day schedule will come、This day... "Presidential Office"The coming visit to、To inspire!

Breakfast became subject to additional fees and expenses、1Foods $6.5(Japan yen approximately 728 yen) becomes increasingly! On this day、With the emergence of the freshly cooked rice、It is all raised their voices and pleased! And then、Tour membersKatahira Jin man (Kimio Katahira)Claus and bring homemade pickled ume、Everyone was giving away! Get freshly cooked rice sour plums and、There is exactly what Japan's table!

Even the side dishes、Atsuyaki was with grated daikon radish、Simmered dishes and miso soup、And pickles、Will treat his stomach will be pleased!

Radish in Taro、Kelp roll up、In Nepal believe it or not the taste food to make and has had no idea!

After dinner、Help me out green tea、Healing scent of green tea for a long time almost gone lumps!

After a meal's cell in the courtyard、And check the schedule of the day、Leader of the tour membersMasanori ASAI (Masanori Asai)From Mr. "Presidential Office"In the stated precautions! On this day、In NepalBidya Devi Bhandari (Vidyā Devī Bha ṇḍ ārī) PresidentThat means that you can see、Everyone、In a formal challenge!

Even to this day as a driver of the LiceuSusan (Sajan Ghimire)Came to meet me! Photos of him taken ago my husband seems very liked、Facebook profile pics had me change!

PatanThan、By car approximately 30-40 capitalKathmandu (Kathmandu)On the go! Nepal on weekday mornings、For very crowded in rush、It becomes necessary to have enough time to move!


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