First experience abroad! Examination of both ankles on pattern of private hospitals "Alka hospital.

The NepalPatanOfPLE chowk (Pulchock)Located in the district "Pension assert (Pension Suzt)"The morning of day 8 marks from a room on the top floor! This morning、Tour members you seeKathmandu Valley Lions Club"With visiting breakfast meeting for the、Quiet couple and two people in the room! "Misono"In a State of both ankles was bitten by a"chakravartin"、On the other hand the worse day by day、The worst, State notes does not work pain relievers、This day's take care、In the morning we slowly on pension now!

Pension ownersQin (Hata)And he and his wife to consult with the foot、Near the pension there is a hospital in、The owner's wifeMotives choli Shaka (Chhori Sanu Shakya) And it's sisterMila Buddha (Shakya Mira)Claus and us escort to the hospital!MiraMr. a、At the back of the suspension has been active as a daycare Director、Is Japan really helped me good!

Private hospital is within a short walk from the suspension "Alka Hospital (Alka Hospital)"What、Of the ownerQin (Hata)Let's ride for us!

Unwell in the overseas experience in、Even the Act of going to a hospital abroad of course became the first experience、To his surprise, wonder!

Hospitals are usually very crowded and it is、This is free, good luck with that。Also、Thanks to the suspension to the reservation、Without waiting for smooth called name、In the doctor's Office! The doctor who examinedAmit (Amit Amatya)Mr. a、In a friendly, young、Symptom questionnaire polite to us.。Results、"Insect bites by allergy" and diagnosed me、"Nothing but don't worry! It's okay! "The word、It is a hot stroking the chest up! Apparently in Nepal、Allergic to damage of the insect by foreigners is no less! But both ankles swell like elephant、Although strange heat comes、Although aggrieved or scary anti-virus、Really relieved!

This time the、Was prescribed topical cream antihistamine drug and allergy! So there will be pharmacy near the hospital in Nepal、It is a good offer prescriptions at the Pharmacy!

The hospital fee、Had injections and x-rays for、500RS (Japan Yen JPY 535)And o安katta.、"Antihistamine drugs"The102RS (Japan Yen around 110 yen)、For allergies "Topical cream"The130RS (Japan Yen JPY 140)And、Too much is! Originally、But if you take antibiotics to get better、Two days later was scheduled to return to Japan for、DrAmit (Amit Amatya)Mr. more、"Once I return home immediately in dermatology, antibiotic prescribing," Whats the advice? That was my first experience in a foreign hospital、Accompanying meMiraAnd it's thanks to eased tension、Safety was confirmed. In foreign countries、Assuming that such accidents occur and、That suspension of the Japanese language is the owner is wonderful!

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