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"Ballet HOME" furniture shop dealing with wooden furniture Karimoku and new porcelain brand of Japan in Taipei!



"Taipei Songshan Airport」周辺の閑静な住宅街の一角に
It is wooden furniture of Japan "Karimoku 60And mainly deal with ","Ballet HOME"Ballet GroupThe2015On March 1In the open。
Ballet GroupThe、こちらの家具ショップの他にも
Italian restaurant "Zucchini' , 'Cafe Ballet"Being operated.


In the shop、日常的な生活をテーマにKarimoku 60Around the furniture you have, including the
Ceramics brand was born in Saga Prefecture is a producer of porcelain "1616 / Arita Japan"And
Odawara wood products "Sonobe industryIt unfolds "is
Wooden cutlery brand "SONOBE"Etc. We sell exhibition the Interior of ♪


Of the owner蔡振田(Chris Tsai)With his wife林婷婷(Tina Lin)さんの御2人は日本が大好きで
Previous、ladeIn Kyoto of French "Gion MAVO」の記事をアップした際に
ladeOfFacebookページToTina LinThan Mr. "Nice!」をいただいたことからご縁が繋がり
"See you by all means if you have come to Taipei!"And、お声を掛けていただきお会いする流れになりました
Ballet GroupJapanese inner can speak of the varistor staff陳郁涵 (Hilda Chen),
While I have you interpreter we were allowed to take the communication ♪


"Karimoku 60It was announced from "
It is a reprint of living sofa authentic mid-century taste of the Long Life Design sofa
"Frame chair frame chair"And
"Dining table dining table"、"Dチェア d chair"Such as has been loose and displayed ♪


Ceramics, which are display on top of the camphor tree of large single plate (KUSUNOKI) is "1616 / Arita Japan」の作品たち
It is the creative directorAccording to Hiroshi Yanagihara.、
I am pleased to announce a new vessel of the series ♪


This pottery also "1616 / Arita JapanThe work of ""1616 / TY “Standard”"It is。
Various sizes Square Plate (Square Plate) or round plate (Round Plate) is aligned ♪


Southern Iron teapot and Odawara wood products "Sonobe industryWooden bowl, etc. are sorted beautifully ♪ of "




素敵な家具に出逢いたい方は、Come see"Ballet HOMEPlease go to visit to "!
Now、オーナーご夫妻にお誘いいただきBallet Group内のイタリアンレストラン「Zucchini"In the
We will join us is not the lunch ♪

Ballet HOME
Hours of operation:12:00-20:30 (Fixed holiday)

8, Lane 36, Lane 5 of Minsheng East Road in Taipei 60

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City crowded as Taipei Harajuku called "Ximending" youth fashion culture epicenter Taipei "Zucchini" Italian restaurant Karimoku of wooden furniture is full of matching warm
City crowded as Taipei Harajuku called "Ximending" youth fashion culture epicenter
Taipei "Zucchini" Italian restaurant Karimoku of wooden furniture is full of matching warm



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