"Amba Taipei Songshan" Let's Go on the hotel's free City Tour of clothing wholesale wholesale district to Wufenpu Garment Wholesale Area


Songshan StationIn the direct access "amba Taipei Songshan"of
And participation in city tours is provided as a free service、
Take a walk through the streets around the hotel about an hour!
Join the advance reservation only at the front desk reservations is required.


Guide you through the、HotelCamel Chen (aka:AJ)And
Studying the Japan GuideAmyResponsible for warehouse、
Japan language "amba Taipei ZhongshanThe staff of "Misaki WuAs an interpreter with us!
Camel ChenThe nicknameAJWhat does "AIR JORDAN!"Of that stands for。
The young man, very bright and freshAJIs!


Out of the hotel、When it comes off.


First of all,Songshan StationFrom the South、Walk the Boardwalk.


From the hotel 5 minutes ' walk to the area、
Would be Taiwan's largest clothing wholesale district "Wufenpu Garment Wholesale Area"There。
Here's clothing wholesalers and sequence、Affordable clothes aimed at young people becomes complete.、
Local people started.、Young tourists consists of popular wholesale district and to the buyer.


With many clothing wholesalers、Also crowded stalls of food and drinki!


Here is、During the Qing dynasty (1636-1912) in around "flat Po tribe (heihozoku)" and is inhabited by natives of Taiwan are called。
From Fujian province, see what、Zhou、Shen、Du、Lee "of families with 5 last name、1769She moved here.、Pioneering this area。
From "fifth Tai Po (live in family with Hokkien families were divided into five last place)" that is named name。
Because it was poor at the time、People for economic development、
Underwear and children's clothing、Sales and manufacturing apparel accessories, such as work clothes,。
It is、Become a clothing store now, reaching more than 1000 hotels where Taiwan's largest clothing wholesale district、
Hong Kong S.A.R., Thailand、Korea、Fashion trends come from Asia, such as Singapore。
Both right and left clothing shop's list、Its inexpensive price and wholesale is a surprise!


Children's clothes and 10-line of youth-oriented fashion in their 20s、
Clothes are TWD 100 (Japan Yen:About 360 yen)-and、Has no price!


Enjoy shopping and、Hotel staff where you teach、
We recommend you explore the personal!


At click here、From head to toe all apparel and accessory items until all aligned。
A similar view as crossing、Be careful not get lost because you're with!
"Wufenpu Garment Wholesale Area"Shop around tend to shop to open in the afternoon for、Opening hours are also suspect.


"Wufenpu Garment Wholesale Area"On the inside"Songshan Jinan Temple' There!


Township of major GodThe、五年千歲、盧府千歲、侯府千歲、薛府千歲


"Wufenpu Garment Wholesale Area"Is because there are some arcade、
Also caught in the rain if you here if you enjoy shopping!


Clothing wholesale district and largeSongshan roadTo get!


Through the hustle and bustle of the wholesale district、Songshan roadFromPate roadIn the opposite、
Next is very famous as a beautiful temple in Taiwan "Songshan Ciyou TemplLet Mairi to "♪

amba Taipei Songshan
Location:No. 8, Section 7, Civic Blvd, Nangang District, Taipei City
TEL:+886 2 2653 2828

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