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Was born in August celebrate at full-course French "portebonur" an elegant birthday party


Viola tamachi building towering to-Cho, Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku 6/10/2014 (Tuesday) opened as an art wedding space "Porte Bonheur (Portebonur) "At the Gallery van gasket is on the first floor、In the round 8 real estate group held a banquet to welcome people who was born in August, Maru 8 asset management, real estate management to let owners who have joined!

Meeting of the dinner party atmosphere with art for a small wedding ceremony and the two families meet、Can be used as a venue for meetings and private dining Gallery van gasket Paul Augustin AÏZPIRI and Pablo Picasso's paintings is wonderful!

The "Porte Bonheur (portebonur).Sasaki Tsuyoshi (Kiichi Sasaki)Chef will put France cooking course at the birth of the、Starting from a sparkling wine toast!
The appetizer、Cool mind "tomato mousse and the consomme.。
Red Snapper, seaweed 〆 and、Olive oil、Lemon、In Tabasco, including Ceviche style to finish.、In rolls and caviar in cucumber Ayu Rillettes and、Summer weekly reminds of cucumber coulis poured in!

Soup is "Vichyssoise".。
Paris-Soir(Paris soir)The seasonal 蓴菜 with a thick lobster ice cream and sorbet、1 dish a rich flavor。

Fish's "steamed snapper.。
The salt lemon and herbs and steamed snapper、In the lobster consomme sauce、And happy!

Meat is a "domestic beef rib roast.。
And domestic beef Rib Steak with polenta grits sautéed (coat)、Baked、Enjoy with Madeira wine and Armagnac sauce!

Dessert "ice cream with watermelon gazpacho charcoal salts break" along with the coffee!

Finish of enjoying dessert、Hirano, President of round 8 real estate group started.、President of Hirano, Keisuke、Our employees are aligned and、Chairman's favorite ukulele birthday celebration song and sing to me、In a peaceful mood to lead our bouquets and a wonderful gift!

Finally with Keisuke, President and Chairman of the plain photo and a great time to spend!Totaro imasaka Yoshimi (Oshimi Imasaa)San、Congratulations on your birthday!

Porte Bonheur portebonur
Address:Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 223-21 Viola, 1.2 floor
TEL:053-413-0880(Please, contact private numbers)
Toll free number:0120-208-809
Hours of operation:10:00-20:00
Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

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Sticking to "Prouve prouve" bar is surrounded by a design and interior design
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