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It's focusing on gourmet, Hamamatsu-Shi, Shizuoka、Overseas travel、To deliver the lifestyle information such as design WEB Magazine alleys

The Oriental terrace bird good Hamamatsu, sounding Lake, ancient elegance and comfort



White Street along the Palm tree becomes a landmark、Located on a hill and climb the Hill、Boasting the best location overlooking the Lake, played "THE ORIENTAL TERRACE TORIZEN The Oriental terrace bird goodness"To!

This is as a wedding ceremony and wedding reception halls、Or as venue for parties and events as well as numerous celebrities to visit, and、Popular restaurants。Filled with stately entrance、Big Christmas tree and decorated、Please greet you at the production of first-class hotels! Also、That and some renovated space and luxury in a couple very popular!

On this day、At Nagoya, Hing Construction Co., Ltd. "for Director will be、Jazz pianist and DJ、Haruna Yuki (Yuuki Haruna) who are familiar with the music's、While talk in Tokyo he was working on new project Lunch Meeting!

Lunch、Come to the hors d'oeuvres, mini soup and seasonal pasta main plate dessert bread Cafe Oriental terrace lunch 2600 yen and great value for money courses。Better view、Sanaruko Lake sparkling in the background、You can enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere and spacious!

[Lunch 2600 Yen]
Along with "salmon CUIT" salted kelp、With spinach sauce。Next in line、1 dish has been served at Christmas dinner that gave out Maekawa chef! Foie gras by the 2 species of desert-like finish。Is cacao with consomme Terrine、Foie gras mousse with chocolate、Miss the wine a rich dish。Seasonal pasta is Pasta Salmon cream.。Choose from meat or fish dish、Enjoy with fish sea bass with Sun-dried tomatoes and clams mariniere sauce! Also see seasonal gelato sampler"of the three lovely finish。In addition、At PEAR tart, fruit tart, seasonal Chef Pâtissier is made、Match the smooth texture of PEAR tart crunch flavorful, delicious!

Café with this price! Their CP as improbable and consider the location and service!(´∀ノ`*)It is recommended!
Despite the busy、He greeted with a full smile Maekawa Tomohiro (Tomohiro Maekawa) chef。This year 12 / 20 ~ Christmas dinner has been held until 12 / 25、What divided into two parts-、Total of about 600 people who have been involved with that! In addition、End of year annual Christmas Eve even 30000-50000 Yen prepared、Because every customer like many passengers are wonderful!

Also、Currently new staff will welcome Shingo Matsuno-Kun、Can ask the State forces poured in the terms of services。New business cards and Mr. Matsuno、Title was written as "GSM"。"GSM" is: General Service Manager! And he told us、With a refreshing smile、"It is Great service Matsuno! "And let us know! (Lol)

The title Street、Matsuno's service was great well know. it is worthy of Matsuno-Kun titles!

Chris、Matsuno-Kun、Please again thank!




















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Whenever "Pannier wine boutique" end of the year event! Champagne bags GETT involved Japanese architect Makoto Nozawa's photo.
Whenever "Pannier wine boutique" end of the year event! Champagne bags
GETT involved Japanese architect Makoto Nozawa's photo.


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