From Showa retro Cafe "hood" literary foot 繫 go NET cafes went Burger


1952Year (1952) Net cafe of establishment of long-established "BONNET"。
The taste is full cinema quietly Nestled in downtown Ginza Atami "Atami romance seat"Located next to、
Yukio Mishima and tanizaki Junichiro、Singer, writer, including fubuki koshiji foot 繫 go passed coffee shop is also known as。
The name "BONNET"、Represents a type of hat for ladies、
Women decorate the hat deeply on the sign is depicted。
Master Cup Cup、And the high atmosphere can be brewed carefully siphon coffee
I personally though not simple、Tasteful master obsessiveness Burger is recommended.


Showa retro look with antique lighting、
Showcase period established separating the counters and tables。
And、Drifting high taste coffee aroma and flavor of the Showa era、
Remains of a bygone era、The restaurant suggests a nostalgic view of the world。
On the net、Morning business than 9:00There are many as indicated by、
Now (visit in November 2015)The、
For couple of hours is restricted in、Change to open until 15:00 o'clock in the morning than 10The thing with the。
The branch Tsukai making it an ideal place to ♪


"Hamburger&Coffee set "800 yen

Shortly after World War II、When master was entering into military camps、
We go out with a burger befriends、Shocked the、
Japanese always win! And devised the original Hamburger、Coffee shop opened。
At that time、Those who know the Burger even less in、Blink of an eye and taste boasts popular、
At the same time style。
Pickled with toothpicks stuck in vans and、
The environmentally friendly and can be removed by choice。
Raw onion and lettuce、Parsley、Topped in the basket、
For tucking yourself before eating、Enjoy the lush texture of lettuce shakishaki as。
Small vans as fit in a hand、Without opening the big women of size can be。
Vans are master ordered the original "Sumiyoshiya"In the manufacturing。
Vans side up crispy on the griddle、Accented with wispy and giving the mustard、
忍basu in PuTTY's wearing source、And I enjoyed the texture and sweetness, firm and meaty、
More satisfying flavor with small size。
served with potato is also remember the skin with and happy nostalgia ♪


Set coffee、Relax at the counter sipping coffee master、
Every order is carefully fur siphon。
Fragrance、Balance of flavor and bitterness as is a nice mild blend coffee!


"Hot Dogs" 550 yen

1Provides two small sausage with this hot dog was cut in half。
This pickle will be stuck with toothpicks。
The burgers as well as、Heavi hot dogs and order the master "Sumiyoshiya"The manufactured。
The cabbage was slipped into the screen beneath the sausage、Soak in the sauce、
In the sweet flavor and moist、
But excessive frills、Because of simple taste also transmitted straight to。
And beams.、Feels of nostalgia and warmth、It is an article somewhere and you。
A popular dish is chicken basket、It takes a bit of time with the。
Brewed coffee master、The kitchen is wife responsible for and、For the old couple of mediums、
The cafe is I want you to use for those with time to spare and mind ♪


The warm light period、Minds calm for such space.。


Young younger days of beauty suffer a master with Hat。


Today I'm sure master is、Perched on a counter while listening to my favorite JAZZ、
But like the best espresso yourself、Will be waiting for then enters the order!

Address:8-14 Ginza-Cho, Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture
Hours of operation:10:00-15:00
Closed on Mondays:Sunday

8-14 Ginza-Cho, Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture

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