Whenever "Pannier wine boutique" end of the year event! Champagne bags


Set up headquarters in Hamamatsu sanarudai、Hamakita beside the sister restaurant "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER (Panie sanarudai shop)"To to buy Champagne for Christmas

In the Pannier、At the end of year holidays what is gathering, such as event or party during this time、Champagne fukubukuro are held as a special 100% customer satisfaction!

Here is、11 species y. Miyata champagne like staff carefully selected Champagne there was a limited edition 100、11 book bag with nothing special at 4990 yen (tax excluded) for sale!

Actually,、Champagne bottle 6600 yen or more in any bags in there、The most expensive thing is 11000 yen, "Pol Roger (POL Roger)"!

However,、Packaged content and allows、Also try to touch any bottle or cannot decide (lol)

Only leave during cosmic corbit meditation here you will not! The Champagne we will introduce at the Christmas Dinner!

Now、Besides champagne、Year-end will enjoy once a year and is also a limited edition pre-order sale "bespoke bags".、5.5Million in yen or 100000 Yen course、Limited Edition bags enters the treasured wines from the cellar owner Ono, y., their seems to be! It is "buy"!

We are your useless、Or to splurge for your home, how is "Champagne" and the "personalized grab bag"?

Also、Has been selling wine to travel like we missed、Kojitani Hiroshi's wine lovers graphic designer was involved "[take you on a journey min]!

On a journey able to accompany、Lightly、Thin、Beautiful form、And、Base stable and harder they fall。Housed in the light, sturdy paper tube case、Even travel-glass.

Under such a sassy wine glasses、I want to go won't travel by train!





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