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"Hymer" Hamamatsu open! American big size burgers



Hamamatsu City Edition American dining in town opened in last year's 9/2016 "100%kraftdining HighMeal heimer"To!

Here is、A. "DRINK &FOOD reader', Has been long serving ManagerSinchon MasahiroAnd independent-Kun、Homemade hamburgers with a plump and juicy grilled on lava stone Grill 100% beef Patty in the heart、Feel free to enjoy meat and home-made original sites are provided!

Become American-style casual dining restaurant、Sinchon-interior design and furniture, even one in the owner's idea to cram lots、In addition、In the maker of Windows and wall paint is a famous artist in Tokyo、Join local artists、Has been engaged in good balance along the concept of space!

In addition to suggests that the kitchen counter、You can relax sofa、
Look at the sight of young moms with young children、The smile most was inside an。
Suddenly roofs、High aesthetics、While having fun girl fashionable and women's power、
Watch a figure burgers swipe stuff oneself fearlessly!

Located on the second floor of the building while the、Popular shops would be packed even on weekdays!

Wait for 10 minutes or so open seating on wooden chairs waiting area and was located on the Stair landing。
When、Is an illustration of the chalkboard walls adorned with hand-painted painted big Burger!
Here in the Sinchon-Kun's wifeKaizu ayane (New Aya sound)Chan's work!

Ayane-CHAN、I used to work asynchronously、Now "at.nail"The manicurist is working as the owner is!

Seat on the couch and guide、From the menu, and the "Bacon Cheeseburger (100% Patty, tomato, lettuce and cheddar) 1100 yen.
スパイシーチリチーズバーガー (100% Patty, tomato, lettuce, chili meat, cheddar) 1100 Yen ordered to "Coca Cola"!
Choose small salad or fries to any Burger will be served!

Bespoke plump take spicy 100% beef Patty on a bun、Hearty Hamburger、Established in table "hands dirty, to prevent dripping juice" Burger bag the beans and let go! Meat of beef black pepper spice is nice 100% enjoyment in sense of everything to eat and、And the tomato is the flavor of the cheese lettuce fresh sense of fun American Burger!

Hamburger just because there is more than 10、It is worth going a shop!

The space features stylish Shinmura and his wife、Is warm.、Has become a lovely place that everyone can enjoy、As well as lunch and dinner、Would recommend dining party or event can be used.










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The shop owner learned "China Sichuan cuisine 's" authentic Sichuan dishes Angel from Australia and Japan food party
The shop owner learned "China Sichuan cuisine 's" authentic Sichuan dishes
Angel from Australia and Japan food party


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